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The National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA) is one of three academic institutions of the new Afghan National Security University which is currently being built outside Kabul. It is a four-year military development institution dedicated to graduating officers for the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan Air Force. The mission of the NMAA is to produce officers for the Afghan National Army that also have a four-year college level bachelors degree. The academy is based upon the United States Military Academy at West Point.

The NMAA should not be confused with the nearby Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC), which is a local rather than national institution responsible for basic infantry training.

In March 2010, a graduation ceremony was held at the Academy in Kabul for the class of 2010. These were only the second class to graduate from the academy.


The site of the academy is at the previous Air Academy that was established by the Soviet Union when they occupied Afghanistan through the 1980s. The site was nearly destroyed during the years of civil war and the coalition invasion of October 2001.

The United States and Turkey have taken the lead in reconstructing the site while planning and developing the future site of the academy in the Qargheh section of Kabul. The estimated cost of the reconstruction is around $100 million.

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