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High Council of Supreme Court

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Member (8) of the Supreme Court High Council:
Dr. Abdul Malik Kamavi Abdul Malik Kamawi , received a vote of confidence
Prof. Barat Ali Matin Qazawatwal Barat Ali “Mateen” confirmed by Wolesi Jirga 20130925.

Pohandowy Abdulqader Adalatkhwah Member of Supreme Court (20180730)

  • Qazawatwal Abdul Haseb Ahadi |Member of the Supreme Court (20180730)
  • Qazawatpal Mohammad Zaman Sangari |Member of the Supreme Court (20180730)
    Abdul Shakoor Mahjoor nominated (20180730)


Afghan lawmakers confirmed Din Mohammad Gran and Abdul Qadir Adalatkhwah as the members of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan.(20131225)

    The Secretariat of High Council of Supreme Court:
    is responsible for management of executive and secretarial matters of the High Council of the Supreme Court. Also for drafting and finalizing approvals, notes, ruling and decisions of the council and after approval, communicating to the related sources.
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