Afghan Biographies

Azam, Farooq

Name Azam, Farooq
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1943
Function/Grade MPTA Chairman
History and Biodata

Movement for Peaceful Transformation of Afghanistan (MPTA)
MPTA chairman:
Dr. Farooq Azam Dr. Raouq Azam (2011, 2013)

Head, Cultural & Press Deptt, MPTA:
Dr Wasi Qani,
Tel. (Afghanistan): 0787105925, 0703550080

2. Previous Functions Dr. Farooq Azam:
Afghanistan Studies Forum Chairman (20080510)
Movement for Peaceful Transformation of Afghanistan132 Caledonian Road, London N1 9RE, UK Tel./fax:0207689 4216 Mob. 07944573690
Email: (MPTA) (2011, 2013)

3. Biodata Dr. Farouq Azam:

Farouq G. Azam was born 13 December 1943 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Education: B.A. Economics (Kabul University, Afghanistan); M.Sc. Agric. Economics (American University of Beirut, Lebanon); Ph.D. Water Resources.  Ph.D., Univ. of London was Deputy-Leader of the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan, one of the seven major mujahideen parties against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and is a former Minister of Education (1989-91) and former Minister of Repatriation, Afghan Refugees (1991-93).


MPTA is an initiative for permanent peace and stability in Afghanistan and the wider region initiated by the Movement for Peaceful Transformation of Afghanistan (MPTA), formed 2011 by prominent neutral Afghans to seek an Afghan solution to the Afghan problem. The MPTA strategy understands the US need for its longstanding involvement in the region. A successful implementation of the MPTA strategy will, indeed, give a new, positive definition to the US involvement in this part of the world.

The Movement for Peaceful Transformation of Afghanistan (MPTA) on 20130913 said fair elections were impossible under the present government and called for the establishment of a short-term interim set-up to run post-President Karzai affairs.

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