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Mansoor Jalal Logistics Company (MJLC)

Name Mansoor Jalal Logistics Company (MJLC)
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Function/Grade Transportation Company
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Advisor to Mansoor Jalal Logistics Company (MJLC), Mohammad Yousaf Amin, told reporters in Kabul the company signed an agreement with Supreme Group in 2011 on providing foreign troops with logistic supplies. The MJCL then hired six subcontractors to share the task.

But Supreme rejected Amin’s claims as “totally unsubstantiated”, saying it was not in debt to MJLC. “We view the demands and threats made against Supreme’s employees, assets and operations as an illegal attempt to extract money that is not owed,” said Victoria Frost, Director of Corporate Development, Marketing and Communications at the Supreme Group.
(20130820) Supreme had filed an arbitration complaint against MJLC for $1.2 million value of missing fuel on July 18, 2013.


M.L.C has three Branches in Afghanistan:

1. Kabul : Street No. 15 Wazir Mohammad Akbar khan, Kabul Afghanistan
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2. Kandahar: Airport Road Beside Supreme Compound Kandahar Afghanistan.
Cell Phone:

3. Herat: Street Dr. Ghulam Reza District No. 01 Baad Morghan Herat Afghanistan.
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Mansoor Jalai Logistic & Transportation Company (MJLC) is a privately Afghan owned company established under the Law of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (ASIA). The registration license number is D-29058 MJLC was established in Afghanistan in 2002 and already enjoy a reputation as one of the country ‘s leading logistic companies privately held and headquartered in Kabul. country ‘s leading logistic companies privately held and headquartered in Kabul.




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