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Wardak, Muhammad Naeem Dr.

Name Wardak, Muhammad Naeem Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1985
Function/Grade Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Doha Spokesman
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:

Naeem MuhammadDr. Muhammad Naeem, Mohammed Naeem Wardak, Mohammad Naim Wardak was born 1985 and hails from Chak district of Wardak. He is the son of Agha Jan. He went to school in Wardak before getting his BA in Islamic Studies (Arabic) in Peshawar. He then enrolled in the International islamic University in Islamabad for a Masters and subsequently PhD, graduating in 2010. He is also reported to have studied Hadith briefly in the famous Dar ul Ulum Haqqania madrassa in Akora Khattak. He was reportedly detained by the Afghan government for six months in Kabul while visiting relatives in 2011. 

He is a Spokesman of the Office of the Political Office of the Emirate of Afghanistan.(20130619)

At the Paris conference (in Chantilly of France) in 20./21. December 2012, the Taliban’s representatives Mawlawi Shahabuddin Dilawar and Dr Muhammad Naeem reportedly highlighted their rejection of Afghanistan’s current constitution and the 2014 elections because these were being implemented while Afghanistan was still ‘under invasion’.

He has been in charge of strategic and foreign relations from the group since the establishment of the Taliban office in Qatar.  "He has the experience of working with the media. Mohammad Naeem made lots of efforts to integrate the activities of (the Taliban's) Qatar office when it faced problems," said university lecturer Faiz Mohammad Zaland.

He was again appointed spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha. (

He speaks Arabic, is fluent in Farsi and Pashto and speaks English.

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