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Khan-i Chahar Bagh District Faryab Province Charbagh

Name Khan-i Chahar Bagh District Faryab Province Charbagh
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Khan Charbagh District Chief Khan Char Bagh Khan-e Char Bagh Khanchar Bagh district :
Alti Boy Nazari (2012)
Mrs. Dortaj Aimaq Khaliqi Durtaj (20170719, 20171031, 20190512) She is the Second female District Governor in Afghanistan (20170719)
District Police Chief:
Samonwal Mohammad Karim (2012)

16 villages. 65% Uzbek and 35% Turkmen. There is a gas well in Andkhoy and Khan Charbagh district. The Gas wells have been contracted with Turkish and the US firms. Except in Andkhoi, Qaramqol, Qorghan and Khan Charbagh, girls schools in all other districts of the province frequently remain shut and have no female teachers. (20170703)

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