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NTM-A /ANP Central Training Centre in Kabul

Name NTM-A /ANP Central Training Centre in Kabul
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NTM-A /ANP Central Training Centre in Kabul Police Training Centre Kabul

Commander of the Police Training Centre CTC in Kabul:
Col Abdul Basir (20120413)
Brig. Gen. Abdul Basir Syedkheli (20130307)



The main focus of police reform from 2002 to 2005 was police training. The central component of the GPPO programme in Kabul was to rebuild and re-establish the Kabul Police Academy (KPA), which trains commissioned officers in a three-year course, and non-commissioned officers in a nine-month course. US support has focused on providing basic training to fresh recruits and serving patrolmen at a Central Training Centre (CTC) for police in Kabul, as well as at seven Regional Training Centres (RTCs). The main police training challenges are:

  • High rates of illiteracy and semi-literacy among ANP patrolmen and recruits, which makes it difficult to provide effective training and severely limits the policing tasks that can be performed.
  • Weak or non-existent recruiting and vetting systems resulting in little attention given to who is trained, and little follow-up to determine what happens to those who have been trained. In some areas this has had the perverse effect of strengthening forces opposed to the central government.


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