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Najib, Qazi Mohammad

Name Najib, Qazi Mohammad
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Hairatan Mayor
History and Biodata

Mayor of Heratan:
najib_qaziThe mayor of the border town of Hairatan, says that homes and agricultural land are destroyed by Amur Darra border river not only by floods but also by erosion caused by the wash from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan patrols boats. "We have discussed the problem with officials of the neighbouring countries to the north many times, but they tell us to consolidate our river banks and they do not stop their patrols," he said. "If the problem is not taken seriously, the border town of Hairatan and the Dosti Bridge [to Uzbekistan], which is the biggest bridge in Afghanistan with a length of one km, will also be damaged due to the flooding.” He says that the Afghan side uses sandbags to shore up river banks while its neighbours use concrete walls.(20100401)

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