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Kohsan District Herat Province

Name Kohsan District Herat Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief
History and Biodata

District Chief Kuhsan District:
Amir Haft Bala (20181110) was killed following mine blast inside his office in Kahsan district.

Achakzai Pashtoon tribe lives in Kala Sardar village (Kuhsan district). The farming lands of this tribe was irrigated by a large  stream which was destroyed by war lord Ismael Khan . It has caused a
larged number of villagers to evacuate the district because the their lands have dried up.
In addition to this these people were percecuted and forced to pay  tax to Ismael Khan´s warlords. In October 2008 UNHCR assessed  Kohsan as a safe District.

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