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Warduj District Badakhshan Province

Name Warduj District Badakhshan Province
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Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
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Wardoj District Badakhshan Province Chief:
Dawlat Mohammad Kharwar Daulat Mohammad Kharwar Mohammad Khawar (20130322, 20130906, 20150521, 20171103, 20180205)


Wardaj District Police Chief:
Asadullah (2012116) Warduj chief of police, Assadullah, (loyal to Wolesi Jirga Member Zalmay Khan Mojaddedi) has to cope  with an increasingly aggressive insurgency threatening his hold over this strategic district connecting Faizabad and Baharak with Ishkashim and the Pamir. Appointed in 2006, and rumoured to have created by himself the first security problems by harassing the families of his personal enemies, Assadullah is now blamed by many for the strengthened posture of the insurgents by his mismanagement of military operations.(20130412)


Warduj District Wurduj District Wardooj District is one of the 29 districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. It was created in 2005 from part of Baharak District and is home to approximately 17,000 residents. The district is the only one in Badakhshan to have seen the continued presence of insurgents during the past five years (2012), and it has witnessed the heaviest fighting. A relatively large Taleban group is active in Warduj district. Local residents said,  that ‘there are 200 to 250 Talibs in Warduj’ ‘harassing’ people and forcibly recruiting fighters. According to them, the Warduj inhabitants had launched negotiations with the Taleban after which the latter ‘committed to avoid harassing people using the roads, but only to stand against the government’s security forces’.

During the recent months (2013) around 278 families left the area due to unrest in this district. Militants have increased their attacks on Afghan security forces in Wardoj district, and around 15 Afghan police officers were recently abducted by Taliban militants who were later released after local tribal elders brokered talks with the militants.(20130322)

The districts out of government's control include Wardooj and Yumgan districts in Badakhshan.(20160629)

U.S. airstrikes began Feb. 2, 2018 in northeastern Afghanistan’s remote, mountainous Badakhshan province, destroying training camps and fighting positions in the Wurduj district. The area is now home to members of both the Taliban and a separatist group that is known as both the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).

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