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Omaid Bahar Fruit Processing Co. Ltd.

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Owner and CEO: Omaid Bahar Fruit Processin Ltd.: Mustafa Sadiq ( born 1965)

OMAID BAHAR was the first and the only fruit juice concentrate factory in Afghanistan aber 2001. The multi fruit processing plant was newly established in suburbs of Kabul city. The plant is equipped with modern fruit processing facilities designed and installed by worldrenowned BERTUZZI Company of Italy.

The plant is operating according to the HACCP quality standards and aims to deliver premium fruit juice concentrate and puree from Afghan Pomegranates, Apples, Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Watermelons and Carrots. This plant has the capacity of processing 30,000 tons of locally grown fruits with an estimate turn over of $ 20 million per year.

Grand Opening of the Omaid Bahar Juice Concentrate Processing and Fresh Fruit Packaging Facility was October 15, 2009.

PomeGreat, the UK’s leading pomegranate juice company, has become the first international company to purchase any form of fruit juice from Afghanistan, committed to purchasing a minimum of 500 tons of pomegranate concentrate and 500 tons of fresh fruit from Omaid Bahar Ltd, Afghanistan’s first fruit processing facility.(20100301) The pioneering deal with PomeGreat was worth an estimated £3 million over 2010 / 2011 period.

Pulicharkhi Industrial Park
Jalalabad Road, Kabul

Ph.No : +93799867506, +971506560475 +93786002007 or +93787290919
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