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National Information Communications Technology Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA) was established 2007.(other source: 2008)

Omar Mansoor Ansari Omar Mansur Ansari (2012, 20141113)

Board of Directors:

Omar Mansoor Ansari is an innovative and creative personality, devoted to building institutions, capacities and creating opportunities for people. He has strong leadership skills with over 10 years of leadership, and management experience and over 13 years experience of working with young people, students, entrepreneurs, academia, media and culture.

Ansari is proficient in strategic organizational planning, financial management, events management, fundraising and conflict resolution, effective in business communication and public relations; policies and procedures development.

He is an award winning individual, received Microsoft LIP Localization Champion Award, and Localization Excellence Certification in 2007 by Microsoft Corporation and MCIT. He has been working with key national and international ICT players on various ICT related programs. Omar worked with Microsoft Corporation, MCIT and UNDP on development of Afghanistan versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Office 2003 and Office 2007; and with NUCES and International Development Research Center (IDRC) (Canada) on developing and localizing software tools into the languages of people in Afghanistan to address aspects of digital divide.

Ansari has been serving as Founder/Editor in Chief of the Computer Science and ICT Afghanistan magazines, Cofounder/Executive Director of ACSA and in addition to his engagement with NICTAA he currently works on creating educational and employment opportunities for young Afghans.

Muhammad Nasir Rahimy is presently a Board Member of the National ISP Association (NISPAA), as well as the founder and the Chief Executive Officer at CeReTechs Kabul, Afghanistan. He has achieved with great success the establishment of CeReTechs as an ICT Company in the country. Moreover, Rahimy is a skilled trainer and has provided training to government staff at national and international organizations working in Afghanistan. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining PMIS and AIS computerized systems with curriculum for management and training.

Rahimy obtained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Balochestan University and went on to earn a master’s degree in Business Administration from Preston University. He is well-versed in Dari, Pashto, English and Urdu.

Sher Wali Wardak is an EMBA with majors in project management from Preston University, Peshawar, with a B.SC (Hon) degree from the Agriculture University of Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Wardak is presently working at Alcatel Lucent as a Commercial and Public Relations Manager. His supervised job responsibilities include project development, project negotiations, establishing public relations with governmental and civil society, project monitoring, and evaluation and reporting. Wardak also served as a Senior Program Manger with Agriculture and Health Development where he was responsible for achievements in community based project development, managing, monitoring and evaluation of office staff and grants and budget management.

Farshid Ghyasi is Council member of ACSA-ICT Professionals Association. After completing his master’s degree in eBusiness Management from the International University of Japan, Ghyasi went on to successfully start Netlinks Solutions Ltd. in Afghanistan, which provided IT solutions including internet, ICT support, Web, email and hosting services. His achievements as a founder, amongst many others, include design and development of the first nation-wide vehicle registration system; introduction of the first commercial corporate email hosting solution to customers in Afghanistan; planning and implementation of the first nation-wide free online recruitment service called; web hosting for USAID’s Geobase System; web hosting and development of website for Agency Coordinating Body for Afghanistan (ACBAR), and many more. Ghyasi was also the Deputy Project Manager for ICT project at UNDP, where he supervised the implantation of National ICT Council Afghanistan, Internet Exchange point, IXP, AFCERT, and ISPAA. 

Noor Ahmad Hamdard has a bachelor’s degree in law from Kabul University and is presently practicing under the banner of TDCA Ltd. T/A Roshan, Afghanistan. In addition,  Hamdard has had extensive exposure with the media and has gained significant experience in this department. Hamdard has excellent expertise in drafting legal memorandums and documents to governmental and non-governmental entities within Afghanistan on issues including customer claim letters, landlord claim letters, termination agreements, property lease negotiations, both in English and Dari. Furthermore, he attended various parliamentary and Ministry of Communication meetings to render telecommunication legal advice.








The National Information Communications Technology Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA) is a consortium of ICT players, NGOs, companies and educational institutions in Afghanistan. It is a strong voice of the ICT players in the country. NICTAA was founded in 2007 by 11 leading ICT associations and companies in the country, known as the Founding Members of the Alliance. NICTAA’s Founding Members are Afghan Computer Science Association (ACSA), Afghan Media International (AMN), South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) Afghanistan, National Internet Services Providers Association of Afghanistan (NISPAA), Afghan Telecom, Afghan Wireless (AWCC), Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) Afghanistan, American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), Kardan University, MTN Afghanistan and Telecom Development Company of Afghanistan (TDCA)/Roshan. NICTAA is comprised of three major pillars of the ICT sector, 1) Private Companies, 2) Civil Society, and 3) Academia. Its membership includes but is not limited to Telecommunications Companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Solution Providers, Software Development Companies, Hardware Manufacturers and Dealers, Electronic Media and Entertainment Production Companies, Associations of the Professionals, Educational Institutions and Universities, Research and Development Centers and Associations of the ICT Consumers. NICTAA membership is open to companies, academia, associations and NGOs directly or indirectly involved in the sector.

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