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Nezaami, Muhammad Ishaq

Name Nezaami, Muhammad Ishaq
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kunduz Afghan Local Police Commander A.L.P.
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Kunduz Afghan Local Police Commander A.L.P. Muhammad Ishaq Nezaami, Ishaq Nizami is the chief suspect in Mrs. Lal Bibi’s abduction and rape around May 17, 2012.  Nizami disappeared shortly after she was grabbed.

He had attained a one month training-course given by U.S. Special Forces. He said he had lost three brothers in the war against Taliban and been injured himself. He said that previously, he had been fighting on the side of the Taliban, but had switched when he saw the insurgents’ brutality. (Dec 1, 2010)

So far, two people have been arrested in a rape case, including Khudai Dad, who is accused of raping Mrs. Lal Bibi, and his brother, Sakhi Dad, who is an Afghan Local Police member, according to the Kunduz governor’s office and the police officer in charge of the province’s A.L.P. force, Col. Mohammed Shokur. She said that Commander Nezaami’s men threw her into a truck and took her to the home of one of his subcommanders, Sakhi Dad, whose brother was the father of the girl whose honor was seen as compromised by Lal Bibi’s distant cousin. She was chained to a wall, she said, and Khudai Dad raped her repeatedly. Other men came in and beat her. An examination also confirmed that her hymen had been broken.

Neither Khodaidad (born 1970) nor his brother, Ghulam Sakhi, also accused in the abduction, has been formally charged. Both deny the abduction and rape allegations. Khodaidad  insisted that he could not have raped the teenage daughter of a local sheepherder because a mullah had married them just before intercourse. But prosecutors, family members and human rights advocates say there is little doubt that Lal Bibi was abducted and raped. Two more suspects were detained already including Cmdr. Muhammad Ishaq Nezaami  is accused of ordering Lal Bibi's abduction.

Muhammad Ishaq Nezaami has a troubled past. He was arrested on charges of attempted rape in a different case but was cleared, General Safi said, he believed that powerful people intervened on Commander Nezaami’s behalf. However, Colonel Shokur, the police official, said the charges were dropped in that case because of lack of evidence.

"All of the men are part of the first 300 A.L.P. who were trained by the American Special Forces,” said the prosecutor, Gen. Mohammed Sharif Safi. “It is not the first time that they have committed such a horrible crime. All of them are a bunch of illiterate and uneducated bandits and thugs who go around harassing people.”(June 1, 2012)

Police in Kunduz arrested the “local police” commander, Mohammad Ishaq Nizami, after the relatives of Lal Bibi, the victim of a sexual abuse recently reported by media, accused him of involvement in the incident.(20120625)

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