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Tamadon TV Network was established by Ayatollah Mohammad Asef Mohseni's endeavors in Kabul in 1386. They are experimentally broadcasting programs via ABS satellite over Asia and Europe at the moment. The Network is accessible through land transmitter on UHF band and channel 36 in Kabul.

This network, contrary to other private networks, is refraining from broadcasting music. The programs from the network cover religious issues as well as putting Iranian soap operas like "She was an angle" on the air.

According to its name, and contrary to most of newly born networks, it has not followed any specific political, commercial or promotional objectives, but cultural and religious ones. Compared to other networks, they have better equipment and facilities, that from the start their programs are put on the air via land over Kabul and in the farthest reaches of the world via satellite possessing good studio and technical equipment. The staffs of the network include some refugee students from Iran who have passed specialized courses and returned to Afghanistan, and some are from Kabul University being accepted after a free scientific test and interview. They were sent to Iran to gain technical and specialized trainings, subsequent to passing the required course, have came back to the country and working for Tamadon television.

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