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Abdulhai, Hassan Dr.

Name Abdulhai, Hassan Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1976
Function/Grade ex Minister
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Urban Development:
Yousef Pashtun (2004-2009)
Sultan Hussein rejected by Parliament, served as acting Minister (2010-2012)
Dr. Hassan Abdulhai Minister of Urban Development (2012035, 20130531 - 20140930 )
Dr. Hassan Abdulhai Acting Minister of Urban Development (20141001)
acting Minister of Urban Development Hamed Jalil (20141209)
2. Previous Functions:
Deputy Minister Rural Rehablilitation (Finance and Administration) MRRD (20060228)
Deputy Mayor (Technical), Kabul Municipality (20071217)
Deputy Minister of Urban Development (20120104)
Nominated Minister of Urban Development (20120215)

3. Biodata:

Abdulhai HassanDr. Hassan Abdullahi, the son of Safar, was born 1976. in Ghor Province of Afghanistan. He spent his early years in his hometown; but the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by Soviet Red Army, made him and his family migrate to Iran.He was awarded with high honors during his primary and secondary education in school, and graduated with a BA in Sociology from Shiraz University, where he got 12th position, in 1997. He obtained his Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning in Tehran (capital city of Islamic Republic of Iran).

Dr. Abdul Hassan Abdullhai contributed to the Afghanistan National Develeopment Strategy (Transport and Civil Aviation Sector; Urban Development Sector)
The Afghan Parliament approved the nine nominated minister in the 20120305 session.  Hassan Abdullahi getting 196 votes became the Urban Minister.


The Ministry of Urban Development is being forced to implement two water supply projects that go against regulatory standards, Minister Hassan Abdullahi told parliamentarians on 20121202 – despite a warning from the Minister of Finance that he not tell the lawmakers, he claimed. Abdullahi said his ministry has received a signed decree from President Hamid Karzai for the projects to go ahead, but there are inherent problems that others are seeking to cover up. Abdullhai also slammed the executive board of a Kabul City project overseen by Karzai's Advisor Hedayat Amin Arsalan since 2007 for fraudulent activities. He said the project was allocated $27 million by the Finance Ministry but only $8m was spent on the project.(20121202)

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