Afghan Biographies

Orya, Fazal Rahman

Name Orya, Fazal Rahman
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Political Analyst
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Political Analyst
Spokesperson of Afghanistan National Coalition (20130612)
Spokesman of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

3. Biodata:
Afghan Government apparently wants to hold peace talks in Saudi Arabia or Turkey, despite establishment of an office for the armed opposition in Qatar, the Government Media and Information Centre (GMIC) said. Meanwhile, experts [Fazal Rahman Oriya Fazlur Rahman Orya and Faizullah Jalal] accused President Karzai of disrupting the peace process, because he was sidelined in the US-Taliban talks and has suspicion that he and his team will lose power if the peace process progresses.(20120130)

During the Pagwash initiated Afghanistan Conference in Dubai which ended 20130117 Fazli Rahman Orya was mentioned as the National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA) spokesman.
Fazlur Rahman Orya Fazlurrahman Orya was the spokesman of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a key presidential candidate in 05 April 2014 Election. (20140208)

The National Coalition of Afghanistan (Dari: Etelaf-e Milli; priorly known as the Coalition for Change and Hope), is a political coalition in Afghanistan led by Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan's former foreign minister (2001-2005)

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