Afghan Biographies

Wasiq, Abdul Haq Mawlawi

Name Wasiq, Abdul Haq Mawlawi
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1975
Function/Grade General Directorate of Intelligence Director GDI
History and Biodata

1. Former General Directorate of Intelligence Director Head “Istikhbarat” Istekhbarat GDI:
IEA Intelligence Director Maulvi Abdul Haq Wasiq (20210907)

First Deputy Intelligence:
Mullah Taj Mir Jawad (20211005)

Administrative Deputy of Intelligence:
Mullah Rahmatullah Najib (20211005)

Senior Istikhbarat official in charge of Department 53:

Javad Sargar (20220203)

Khalil Hamraz (20111109)

2. Previous Functions:
Former Taliban Intelligence Deputy 1996-2001
Director of Intelligence Head of Intelligence (20210907) acting

3. Biodata:
wasiq_abdul_haqMawlawi Abdul Haq Wasiq was born 1975 in Ghazni Province. He is an Andar from Ghazni province, according to UN records born either 1971 or approximately 1975.

He was deputy chief of the Taleban 'Estakhbarat' (Intelligence). He was appointed after his cousin, Qari Ahmadullah, became its head. Ahmadullah, a founding member of the Taleban, was reported killed in a US bombing raid in early January, 2002. Wasiq is an Andar, from Ghazni province.  He was detained in a sting operation in late 2001 in Ghazni, after being tricked by a subordinate whom he knew had travelled to Pakistan to see Rahim Wardak (later the minister of defence) to start cooperating with the US. The subordinate told Wasiq he had set up a meeting with the Hezb-e Wahdat leader, Abdul Karim Khalili, with whom he could negotiate a security guarantee for safe passage to Kabul and reintegration. Wasiq and Khalili are known to have previously been in contact. One listener to the BBC in November 2001 remembers Wasiq saying that ‘Mr Khalili’ had agreed to give safe passage through Hazarajat to Taleban forces fleeing southwards. However, when Wasiq turned up at the rendezvous, instead of Khalili being there, he was delivered to a US Special Forces team and has been in Guantanamo ever since.


U.S. forces have arrested Abdul Haq Waseeq, a prominent Taliban leader and a former deputy of the regime's intelligence agency,(20011224). Waseeq was captured' when U.S. helicopters landed at Muqur in Ghazni Province, central Afghanistan, and commandos surrounded his vehicle. Since then he was arrested in Guantanamo.

In February 2011, the Afghan High Peace Council named a half-dozen it wanted released as a goodwill gesture. The list included Fazl; senior Taliban military commander Noorullah Noori; former deputy intelligence minister Abdul Haq Wasiq; and Khairullah Khairkhwa, a former interior minister.
Mulla Muhammad Fazal Akhond, Mulla Norulla Noori, Mulla Khairulla Khairkhwa, Mulla Abdul Haq Waseeq, Mawlavi Mohammad Nabi, were released from Guantanamo detention facility.(20140601)

Wasiq is a supporter of acting deputy prime minister Abdul Ghani Baradar, a prominent member of the southern faction of the Taliban. According to the United Nations Security Council, Wasiq was in charge of handling relations with Al-Qaeda-related foreign fighters in Afghanistan and known for his “repressive methods” against Taliban opponents in the south of Afghanistan during the 1990s. (20220302)

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