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Murad, Ali Murad Lt Gen

Name Murad, Ali Murad Lt Gen
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1960
Function/Grade Ex Police commander
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Deputy Commander of 203th Corps (2006-2007)
Commander 209th Corps  (20071130- 20100710)
Commander of Afghan Ground Forces (20101000-20150119)
Deputy chief of staff of the Afghan National Army (ANA) (201502029-20161004)
Deputy interior minister for security (20170518, 20180522 dismissed)
Commander of Kabul Garrison and  Deputy Interior Minister for Security (20180623) fired (20180909)

3. Biodata:
murad_aliLt Gen Murad Ali Murad was born 2 July 1960 in La'l wa Sar Jangal District of Ghor Province. He was the former Commander 209th Corps was promoted Oct.2, 2010 to Lt Gen. He was critical to the military activities of the German Bundeswehr in Northern Afghanistan saying the Germans avoid combat with armed opposition forces. Since October 2010 he is the Commander of Afghan  Ground Forces Command (ANAGFC).

The commander of Afghan National Army Ground Forces Gen. Murad Ali Murad has rejected the plan by first vice president Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum to fight the Taliban insurgents. The first vice president had earlier proposed to establish 20,000 militia forces for the repression of the Taliban fighters.(20150119)

Lieutenant General Murad Ali has been appointed as deputy chief of staff of the Afghan National Army (ANA) forces, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said. (20150202)

Afghan National Army Deputy Chief of Staff General Murad Ali Murad has been appointed as the deputy interior minister for security.(20170518)

It is rumored, that the deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan Gen. Murad Ali Murad has reportedly been dismissed amid deteriorating security situation across the country including capital Kabul. According to reports, the head of the security guards of the presidential palace Akhtar Ibrahimi has appointed as the successor of Gen. Murad. However, the Afghan government has not formally commented in this regard so far.

This comes as a suicide bomber targeted a vote registration compound in west of Kabul as part of the relentless attempts by the militants to carry out large scale attacks in the key cities. The attack left at least 57 people dead and 119 others wounded.(20180422)

General Murad Ali Murad was formally introduced as the new commander of Kabul Garrison Command and deputy defense minister for security affairs of Kabul. (20180623)

Army General Murad Ali Murad resigned from his post as the commander of Kabul garrison, saying “problems, disorders and instability” caused his resignation. Rumors say that Murad is to stand by former spymaster Rahmatullah Nabil as his running mate in the upcoming presidential elections, in which Nabil plans to run for the presidency. (20190116)

Murad speaks Dari


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