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Monawar, Wahid

Name Monawar, Wahid
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1975
Function/Grade Ex Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official MoFA
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions
Chief of Staff Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consul General in Toronto, Canada (2004-2007)
Afghan Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna (2008-2009)
Analyst (2010 - )

3. Biodata:
monawar_wahidWahid Monawar was born in Afghanistan and is a former chief of staff of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a former permanent representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. He works as an analyst for different Media outputs. (US Magazine Politico 20100409 He is also an associate of Zurich Partners, a Swiss global corporate consulting company.

Karzai’s childhood has inspired some armchair psychology among his peers. Wahid Monawar noted that a former Afghan governor who grew up with Karzai said the president was often beaten up by his six full and half-brothers, which led to a persecution complex. His father nicknamed him “the mad one” for his moods. At college, he liked to watch street magicians and learn their tricks. This, Wahid maintains, is a key to Karzai’s personality: even now focused on sleight of hand rather than substance, tactical advantages rather than strategy.(20101018)

Deputy Attorney General, Rahmatullah Nazari, told TOLOnews that the General Consulate, Wahid Monawar, pawned the Afghan embassy building for $400,000 to a Canadian company. The Afghan embassy building in Canada was bought $550,000 and the money was paid from the Foreign Ministry budget, but the Consulate General has registered the building in his own name and pawned it to a Canadian firm for a loan, Mr Nazari said. "In an interview with the Washington Post, Wahid Monawar has accused the Afghan government of corruption, while he is ‘drowned in corruption' himself," said Mr Nazari. The Deputy Attorney General slammed the Ministry of foreign Affairs for not being able to deal with the case.(20101101) It is rumored, that Nazaris statement should silence Monawar, who is a staunch critic of President Karzai and his Government.

He is the Co-founder of the Neo-Conservative Party of Afghanistan. He is an associate of Zurich Partners.(20111231)

Wahid Monawar has double citizenship of Canada and the United States. It is said that he is living now in Washington, DC.(20120531)

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