Afghan Biographies

Omar, Qazi Mohammad

Name Omar, Qazi Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Mayor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Qazi Mohammad Omar:
Businessman in Kandahar
Owner of Hewad Hewad tv station (2006) and Afghan Independent Radio (AIR) 2002 in Kandahar
Kandahar Mayor (20111024, 20150528)

3. Biodata:
omar_qaziQazi Omar Kazi Muhammad Umar is a graduate of Islamic Educations’ Faculty and had has worked in government and non-government organization for years. He has already worked for two years as the mayor’s assistant with the martyred farmer Kandahar Mayor Ghulam Haidar Hamidi and has experience in the jobs related to municipality.

After the Soviet invasion Qazi Mohammad Omar Babrakzay on13 May 1980 headed a jirga in Peshawar, Pakistan, as acting President, to coordinate resistance against the Soviet Regime in Afghanistan. The Babrakzay family has a influential position atop the tribal leadership hierarchy.

Qazi Mohammad Omar is a Kandahar business man who ownes and manages Hewad TV which was established in 2006. Omar also owns AIR. Hewad TV (meaning "Country TV" in Pashto) is a private television station based in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The channel broadcasts news, shows, and entertainment programs to certain parts of the country.

Qazi Omar is said to be  "remote controlled" by the Karzai clan.

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