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Kunduz Peace Council

Name Kunduz Peace Council
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The 25-member council comprising of tribal elders, religious scholars and government officials would focus on the reintegration of armed opponents.(20110223)

Head Provincial High Peace Council Kunduz: Asadullah Omarkhel Omarkhil Assadulla Omerkhil Omerkhel Omerkhail Asadullah Omer Khel (20111011, 20120719)

Members of the Kunduz peace council:
Abdul Rauf Qazizada (20111011)
Khairullah (20111011)
Sher Mohammad Arab was a former Militant and Ex jihadi commander and peace council member. He and a civilian were killed as a result of the blast of a bicycle bomb in northern Kunduz province on 20111210. The elder tribal Arab, who fought Russians in the 1980s, had turned into a peace activist trying to negotiate with the insurgents

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