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Shirin Tagab District Faryab Province

Name Shirin Tagab District Faryab Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Shireen District Sherin Tagab District Sherentagab District Shirin Tagab District Chief:
Sayed Laqman Sayyed Luqman Ghareek Syed Loqman Gahreek Syed Luqman Gharik (20110930, 20120912, 20130225)
Syeed Aqbal Gohari Sayeed Loqman Gohari governor of Shereen Tagab (20131006, 20140809, 20150611)
Syed Sharafuddin (20171023)

District Police Chief:
Col Abdul Ahad (20090612) killed

Baloch area of Shireen Tagab district was attacked by Taliban. It is said that a commander – Abdul Rehman – has been killed; a rifle and other ammunition has been recovered. Taliban attacked two security posts manned by uprising forces. The Taliban had surrounded the posts over the past three months and the uprising men had been demanding weapons and bullets, but no one paid heed. Finally after coming under attack, the uprising forces abandoned the posts and allowed the insurgents to capture them. A local influential figure, Daud, also lashed out at the provincial government for not coming to the aid of the besieged uprising forces in three months. Faryab deputy police chief Col. Mohammad Naeem also confirmed the fall of the posts and Baloch area into Taliban’s hands.(20171215)

Sherin Tagab district in Faryab province fell to the Taliban.(20210617)

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