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Bayat Foundation

Name Bayat Foundation
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade NGO based in USA and Afghanistan
History and Biodata

Founders of The Bayat Foundation:
Ehsan and Fatema Bayat 

Information officer of Bayat Foundation:
Abdul Rahim Danish (20110714)

In September 2006, the Bayat Foundation was registered in New Jersey as a non-profit and the organization applied for its 501 c 3 tax exempt status in the United States. It is designed to allow people who wanted to take part in the rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan through a proper mechanism that donors are comfortable with. This organization will not be controlled by the NGO that has been previously established in Afghanistan.

That Non Government Organization in Afghanistan is primarily funded by NON 501 c 3 Bayat Foundation funds.

The 501 c 3 Bayat Foundation in the United States is intended to be primarily funded by the general public and will be operated based on the rules and guidelines of a 501 C 3 pending organization.

Both organizations share the same founder, Ehsan Bayat.

Bayat Foundation, P.O. Box 2777, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004, USA

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