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Noor ul Aziz Agha Maulvi

Name Noor ul Aziz Agha Maulvi
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kandahar Religious Affairs Department Head
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Governor Kunduz Province during Taliban rule
Kandahar Religious Affairs Department (Haj and Aufaq)  acting Head (20110721)

3. Biodata:
noor_ul_aziz_maulaviMaulavi Noor-ul-Aziz Agha (a.k.a. Maulana, Mawlavi, Nurul Aziz) was12 years a Taliban Commander who on 20110411 "defected" from the Taliban and together with 50 fighters surrendered to the Karzai Government in Kunduz Province.  Before he was fighting under Mullah Dadullah (killed 2007) and later under his brothers in different southern Provinces as Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul. He served as Taliban chief for Nad Ali and was  promoted as governor for Kunduz.

 However - a Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, rejected any link between the shadow governor, Noor-ul-Aziz, and his loyalists on one hand and the movement on the other, saying “Aziz must be a government employee or an imposter who poses as a Taliban shadow governor to get money.” He has said, “Our designated governor for Kunduz is in his area. We believe such dramas are staged by Afghan and foreign intelligence officials to create rifts in Taliban ranks.”

In October 2010 (sic!) , Azizullah Agha and a friend, Noor-ul-Aziz Agha, defected to the Karzai Government. The defection to the government was brokered in a deal by the governor of Panjwayi, Faziluddin Agha, and the Afghan intelligence service. Maulvi Maulavi Maulwai Noor-ul-Aziz got a house in Kandahar and was later appointed as the acting Director of Haj  department of Kandahar Province. He is widley labelled as a turned American or British agent and propaganda tool and is said to be a part of the secret x-man crew.

He is living again with his family - two wives, four daughters and four sons - after years of separation. Their fortified compound in the upmarket Kandahar suburb of Shari Nawis paid for by the government.(20110812). Six watchtowers surround the house, which is at the end of a street blocked to traffic by high concrete walls. When he travels, three armoured vehicles full of guards move with him. Noor-ul-Aziz has a small garden in his new house, ringed by high fences of barbed wire. He rarely travels much farther these days, and the nearby mountains he called home for years he can likely never visit again. But he does not see no inconsistency in his decision to change sides.

“After the assassination of Ahmed Karzai and other officials, I fear for my life,” said Noor ul Aziz, "I can no longer trust the security forces. I am planning to send my family to Kabul and I have turned to my close relatives - brothers, cousins - to protect me,” he said.(20110801)

Foreign Taliban are preventing Afghani Taliban from holding peace talks with the Government, Noor-ul-Aziz a reconciled Taliban commander, who was leading a group of 300 militants in Helmand, told a Chinese television.(20110808)

Maulavi Noor-ul-Aziz (20110721) escaped an mine blast on the way to Panjwayee district (20111022). But he  sustained injuries on 20111030 in a second  mine explosion in Kandahar in Oct 2011. According to a statement from Kandahar governor office, the vehicle which was carrying Mawlavi Noorul Aziz struck a roadside mine planted in Shorandam area of Jami Camp village, resulted injuring the director. The source added the provincial director of Hajj is not in critical condition.(20111030).

Maulvi Noorul Aziz, said  that many Taliban fighters had no interest to continue with the armed resistance.(20130411)

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