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Onyx Construction Company

Name Onyx Construction Company
Ethnic backgr.
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Function/Grade Kabul Township Rahman Mina Land Scam
History and Biodata

At least 140 acres of government-owned land in the Rahman Mina neighbourhood of Kabul, where a township is being built, has been grabbed by the private Onyx Construction Company reported Pajhwok (20110417). The area that has been converted into residential plots by Onyx was surveyed in 1979 and classified as state property meant for a green belt, shows documentary evidence provided to Pajhwok Afghan News by the Kabul Municipality.

Onyx Stakeholder:
Haji Khalil Zadran (20110417)
Ishaq Sarwari, CEO, (20110417)

"Onyx has bribed some government officials to identify people speaking against the company," an employee of the 8th municipal district said on condition of anonymity. "Many officials have accepted the bribes."

Char Rahi Ansari,
Toward Kolola Poshta, Share-Naw
Kabul, Afghanistan.

P.O. Box 114196
Tel: +93 (799) 888 515 , +93 (799) 888 516
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