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Mohsini, Ghulam Mustafa Khan Gen

Name Mohsini, Ghulam Mustafa Khan Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Police Commander Ghor
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Ghor Ghowr ANP:
Gen Shah Jahan Naserullah Noori (2007, 20081023),
Gen Abdul Baqi Nuristani (20091116 - 2010)
Col Zain Allahbuddin (acting) (20110127)
Brig Gen Kuda Yar Qadusi Khodayar Qudsi Qudsi, Brig Gen Khuda Yar Khodayar Khudayar Qadusi (20110403)
Col. Abdul Rashid Bashir (acting) (20110619)
Col. Dilwar Shah Dilwar Delawar Shah Delawar Dilawar Shah Dilawari Dalawar Shah Dalawar (20120806, 20130427)
Brig. Gen. Ahmad Fahim Qaim (20141209, 20150106 sacked)
Colonel Sayed Ahmad Salangi (20150106)
Maj Gen Ghulam Mustafa Mohsini (20150518, 20170403))

Deputy Police Chief Ghor Province:
Col. Abdul Rashid Bashir (20101229, 20110924)
Brig. Gen. Syed Hussain Safawi (20130117)
Colonel Sayed Ahmad Salangi (20140430)

Crime branch chief:
Col Amanullah Baik Beg (20090928)
Col. Noor Ali director of anti-crime department of Ghor (20131113) 
Col. Abdul Hadi Chalghori(20140714)

Head of the counter-narcotics department in Ghor:
Maulawi Yusof Wakili (20131104, 20150805)

2. Previous Functions Gen Mustafa Khan Mohsini:
Provincial Police Commander Logar Loghar (20071001-20110403)
Provincial Police Commander Kunduz (20131024)
Provincial Police Commander Ghor (20150518, 20170403)

3. Biodata:
Ghulam Mustafa Khan Muhsini  (Andarabi?) Ghulam Mustafa Mohsenni s/o Mohammad Mohsin was the Logar Police Chief. He is a Tajik from Baghlan and fought onbehalf of Massoud during Taliban regime. He was banned from the Wolesi Jirga 2005 elections because oflinks to illegal armed groups (IAGs). Currently heads the most powerful IAG in Baghlan. Has protected his relatives and militiamen frombeing investigated for murders that they have allegedly committed. Apparently protects his brother Rasul, who is allegedly involved in drug trafficking.(Cable 532 US Embassy Kabul 20060706.)

Wolesi Jirga Member Muhammad Azim Mohseni (Baghlan) is the brother of General Ghulam Mustafa Khan Mohsini Mohseni the former Logar Chief of Police and Rasul, head of Baghlan Provincial Council.

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