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Elham, Abdul Nabi Brig. Gen.

Name Elham, Abdul Nabi Brig. Gen.
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Police Commander Faryab
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Faryab ANP:
Sayed Hassan Ziarati (2005),
General Khalilullah Ziayee (20070116),
Maj Gen Khalildullah Abdul Khalil Andrabi Andarabi (20071105-2010),
Brig Gen Sayed Ahmad Sami Sama (20110913)
Maj. Gen. Abdul Khaliq Aqsai? (20110803, 20120202)
Maj. Gen. Nabi Jan Mullahkhel Nabi Mullahkhil Nabi Jan Mullakhail Nabi Jan Mullahkheil (20121107, 20130423)
Maj Gen Toryalais (20140319, 20140824)
Maj Gen Abdul Nabi Elham (20150601, 20170121)

Deputy Police Commander Faryab Province:
Mohammad Afzal Imamzada (20100123),
Col Sadiq Khan (20110520),
deputy provincial police chief Mohammad Naeem Andarabi (20140722, 20150206, 20151017) Senators praised the country’s security forces for their bravery and sacrifices granted Senate’s appreciation certificates and medals to former ANCOP brigade commander in Faryab and currently police chief of Faryab Sayed Agha Andarabi (20151017)
Karim Khrosh (20150720)
Baryalai Basharyar Parwari (20150722)

Security chief of Faryab police headquarters:
Col Muhammad Sadiq (20100121),
Brig. Gen. Toryalai Abadyani (20140319)

2. Previous Functions:
Officer of the general commander of special operations
Provincial Police Commander Zabul Zabol (20110611-20110808)
Provincial Police Commander Helmand (20120100 -20150115 )
Provincial Police Commander Faryab (20150601, 20161009)

3. Biodata Abdul Nabi Elham Ilham:
elham_abdul_nabiAbdul Nabi Elham, Abdul Ghani Alham, Abdul Nabi Ilham, Abdul Nabi Alham, son of Abdul Hameed, was the officer of the general commander of special operations and was appointed as the Provincial Police commander of Zabul province 20110611.

A motorized rickshaw was detonated at around 9:30 am while provincial police chief Brig Gen Abdul Nabi Elham was traveling to his office in Zabul. Elham escaped unhurt. (20110709).

President Karzai ordered the dismissal of Hidayat, the provincial city court judge who ordered the exhumation of three Taliban's bodies from graves for identification and sacked Brig Gen· Abdul Nabi Elham, the police chief (20110808). Firing of Ilham was also linked to a demonstration of 500 to 1 000 civilians who were demonstrating against police for taking the bodies of dead Taliban commanders from the Bakorzo area to Qalat city in Zabul province for further investigation with consent of Mohammad Nabi Elham. Police fired into the demonstration and killed four.

In Jan 2012 Abdul Nabi Elham had been appointed Provincial Police Commander Helmand.

A suicide car bomber blew himself up 20130617 near the vehicle of Helmand provincial Police Chief Mohammad Nabi Elham. The blast in the city of Lashkar Gah ripped off the door of Elham's vehicle as he was en route to his office. The attack wounded three police officers traveling with Elham, but the police chief was not hurt.

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