Afghan Biographies

Zia, Mohammad Ismael

Name Zia, Mohammad Ismael
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kandahar provincial attorney general
History and Biodata

Ismael Mohammad Zia, the provincial attorney general admits that he routinely drops cases under pressure from powerful figures. “In Kandahar, every criminal has a supporter, and the supporter wants him released from custody,” says Mohammad Ismael Zia. “There are many warlords in Kandahar City,” he continues. “If I don’t accept their demands they can make many problems for me. They could kill me or remove me from this job. So sometimes I ignore the rules.” He points to a stack of papers on his desk – requests from parliamentarians and provincial council members. If Mr. Zia’s help is not forthcoming, he says he is threatened “by telephone and night letters.” None of his superiors, he says, have agreed to provide him with secure accommodation or guards to help him resist the intimidation (20100413).

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