Afghan Biographies

Wafa, Asadullah Assadullah

Name Wafa, Asadullah Assadullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade President Adviser Tribal Affairs Complaint Comission
History and Biodata

1. Former Presidential Advisers on Tribal Affairs and General Director of the Complaint Comission in the Presidential Palace:
Asadullah Wafa (20080301, 20110623 - )

2. Previous Functions:
Governor Paktia 2004-2005,
Governor Kunar 2005-2006 ,
Governor Helmand 2006-2008,
Senior Adviser Minister to the President on Tribal Affairs and Head of the complaint commission at the Presidential Palace (20080301 - ),

3. Biodata:
Assadullah_wafaWafa is from Spin Boldak (Kandahar Province) and belongs to the Achakzai tribe who is in competition with the Noorzai tribe for local supremacy. He is a wealthy person who can afford to have his sons in Dubai and elsewhere. Assadullah Wafa is an elderly man with poor health, who had had little authority as Governor in Helmand. In March 2008 Assadullah Wafa was replaced by Gulab Mangal.
He is a native Pashtu speaker, speaks no English, no good Dari.

Background  Complaint Commission in the Presidential Palace:
The office has been operating for three years (20110919)  to hear the people’s problems. Nearly 100-150 people are coming everyday to the office from various parts of the country to reach their problems.  Most people have come to complain related to their lands confiscated by powerful individuals and warlords and after reviewing; their problems have been solved to some extent. A number of governors and government officials both in military and civilian sectors have been accused of confiscation of the lands and were sacked from their posts. Programs which are under way show that a number of government officials are to be accused of after reviewing the complaints against them. Ulema, elders and tribal jirgas (councils) in provinces have also helped the general directorate of complaints in solution of the people’s problems. The office has also set up its sub offices in remote provinces of the country to reach soon the various problems of the people. The office is always open to Afghan people and without any obstacles; they can share their problems with the Complaint Commission.

Assadullah Wafa said the stumbling Afghan peace talks need re-think. He questioned the High Peace Council's  effectiveness, and said its wide makeup actually made it difficult for the government to reach out to militant groups. He said he advised President Karzai without success to repair the Peace Council.  genuine people aren't part of the peace council, or there are individuals who the Taliban fought in the past or some communist baqaya (remains) in the council, because of whom the Taliban aren't interested in talks. (20120219) Wafa said part of his job was to hear complaint petitions from across the country and be a conduit to Karzai, and the message from the Afghan people was that they had begun to lose faith in the reconciliation drive.

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