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Naeem, Sayed Mohammad Col

Name Naeem, Sayed Mohammad Col
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Helmand Police training centre Lashkar Gha Commander
History and Biodata

Commander of Helmand police training centre (HPTC) (LTC) in Lashkargha,
Colonel Mohammad Shafique Shiryar (20100313)
Lt. Col. Mohammad Rafiq Sherzad (20110928)
Col. Abdul Mohammad Zafarkhel (20130508)
Colonel Sayed Mohammad Naeem (20160725)

The first batch of afghan Police was trained by a mixture of British soldiers, UK MOD police and other security sector personnel at the Interim Helmand Police Training Center located in Lashkar Gah, graduated 28 January 2010. There are two police training centres in Helmand -- one operates in Lashkargah and the second in Shorab area.

Over the past two months (20110800 and 20110900), 180 policemen, including 52 sergeants, have been trained by foreign mentors, said the training center head, Lt. Col. Mohammad Rafiq Sherzad. The graduates will be deployed to Helmand and Nimroz provinces.(20110928)


The LTC facility will contribute to an improved learning environment of the Afghan students. The training center now includes one 100 meter and two 25 meter shooting ranges, 25 indoor classrooms, seven outdoor classrooms, five Patrol and Police Skills training areas, one full-scale Police Check Point, seven C-IED lands, a Search and Entry Skills complex, a Tyre Block Hourse for theory lessons or police skills, a Demolition Range, an approved Helicopter Landing Zone, three parade squares, and a mock village training area and a Driver Training Area.(20130900)


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