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Andar District Ghazni Province

Name Andar District Ghazni Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief , District Police Chief, Education Director
History and Biodata

Andar district chief:
Sher Ahmed Haidar (20080609)
Abdul Rahim Disiwal (20081201) killed
Yousaf Siraji (20100518),
Shir Khan Yousufzai. Sher Khan Yusufi Sher Khan Yousafzai (20100723, 20110923, 20120531), resides in Ghazni City visits Andar only if accompanied by ISAF or Afghan Security.
Yousuf Sarhadi (20120529)
Muhammad Qasim Disiwal Mohammad Qasam Desiwal Mohammad Dasiwal Qasem Disiwal (20130404, 20130906, 20140106, 20150331)

Andar District Education Director:
Taza Gul (20110511). The only government official able to function in Andar, district education director Taza Gul, does so because he has the Taliban's endorsement.

District Police Chief Andar District Ghazni Province:
Colonel Muhammad Nabi Patang (20100104), killed in a clash with Taliban 20100523.
Cap. Ramazan (20120910, 20130710 survived a bomb attack, but two of his colleagues were injured in the attack that took place near the governor’s house in Ghazni City (20120910)
The followers of Lotfullah Kamrani Lutfullah Kamran, the head of the arousers of Andar District of Ghazni, have blocked the Kabul-Kandahar Highway in Massoud Square of Ghazni City, and they asked the current police chief Ramazan to be removed and Engineer Lotfullah Kamrani should be appointed instead of him.(20130710)

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