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Sharifi, Sayed Murad

Name Sharifi, Sayed Murad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1952
Function/Grade Appeal Court, Nangahar Head of and IECC Chairman
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Sayed Murad Sharifi, Judge, Head of the Appeal Court, Nangahar (2008),
Chairperson independent eclectoral complaint commission IECC (2010)

3. Biodata: J
Sharifi_MuradJudge Sayed Murad Sharifi, son of Mohammad Ismail, grandson of Mohammad Sharif, was born into a spiritual family in Mano village in Chaparhar District in the centre of Nangarhar Province in 1952. At his primary school in Chaparhar he was first in class and maintained this position throughout his secondary education at the same school. He then registered at the Abu Hanifa Alli Madrasah in Kabul and graduated with an outstanding grade. After passing the Kancor examination Sharifi entered the Faculty of Sharia at Kabul University and graduated first in class. He then completed the 12th judiciary stage course, with his initial court employment as a member of the Nangarhar City Court. Subsequently he became a lecturer in the Department of Tafsir (interpretation) and Hadith in the Faculty of Sharia where he taught the interpretation of the Holy Quran.

The early 1980s saw him in exile in Pakistan. He returned to Afghanistan upon the Soviet withdrawal at the end of the decade and served in succession in the Public Security Appeal Court, as chairperson of the Civil Bureau in Baghlan Province, again as a member of the Nangarhar City Court, and as a member of the Crime Bureau of the Appeal Court of Kabul, which he subsequently headed. In 2004 he joined the Public and Civil Rights Bureau of the Supreme Court in a senior position. He also served as an advisor at the Commercial Bureau of the Supreme Court. He served as general head of three provincial Appeal Courts in succession (Baghlan, Nangarhar and Paktia) while also deputising as head of each relevant zones.

At present he serves as Chief of the Judicial Inspectorate of the Supreme Court, with Senior rank and cadre rank as Qazawatwl (Judge). During his career in the service of his country Sharifi has been awarded four second-degree appreciation letters.

In April 2010 he was appointed to the Electoral Complaints Commission, where his fellow-commissioners have elected him Chairperson. Sharifi’s travels began when as a student he undertook an official trip to Saudi Arabia, visiting Mecca-e-Muzzama, Medina-e-Monawra and Riyadh and presenting a paper at the Al Jamia-e- Ibni Saud Al Islamia conference. He has furthered his professional competence abroad with judiciary courses and training workshops in Egypt (Cairo), Morocco (Rabat), Austria (Vienna) and Italy (Rome) and has undertaken official visits to Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

He is married with ten children and lives in Kabul City.

He is fluent in Pashto, Dari and Arabic and has some knowledge of English and Turkish.

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