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Shahr-i Safa District Zabul Province

Name Shahr-i Safa District Zabul Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Shahr-i-Safa District Zabol Province Shahr-e Safa district chief:
Khadi Khan (20110108, 20120918)
Abdul Samad Durrani (20170411)
District police chief:
Sardar Mohammad Jan Rasoulyar(20140804)
Gul Ahmad Gerani was shot dead as he was travelling in the vicinity of the ninth police district of Kandahar city (20180413)

Shahr-e Safa district is mostly under government control, and is the only one that is thought of as being broadly pro-government in sentiment, since most of the people are Popalzai, the tribe of the former president Hamed Karzai.(20191106)

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