Afghan Biographies

NLC Holding and Global Security

Name NLC Holding and Global Security
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Private Security Companies in Kabul
History and Biodata

NLC Holdings provides security for U.S. military convoys and is run by Hamed Wardak, the son of the defense minister.

Two private security companies have turned in 122 weapons to the Ministry of Interior, a senior official said on Wednesday. As many as 111 weapons of different kinds were surrendered by NCL Holdings and 11 by Global Security Company, the official told a news conference in Kabul. Gen. Abdul Manan Farahi, head of the counterterrorism department at the ministry, said the weapons included 16 heavy machineguns, two pistols and Kalashnikov rifles. (20100827)

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Established 2010-08-27