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Maldani, Shir Ahmad

Name Maldani, Shir Ahmad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade 4th Border Police Brigade Regional Zone West commander
History and Biodata

Former Commander sof the 4th Border Police Brigade Regional Zone West:
Col. Rahmatullah Safi (20091018-20130223)
Shir Ahmad Maldani Muldani commander (20130207)
Afghan Border Police 4th Brigade’s quick reaction commander in Helmand:
Col. Aka Rasool Mujahid (20160615)

Deputy Commanders:
Col Aminullah Azad (20110321)

ABP Zone 4 (West) has 15 companies.

2. Previous Functions of Brig. Gen., Shir Ahmad Maldani Mohammad Muldani:
Provincial Police Commander Parvan Parwan Province(20101217 - 20120109)
4th Border Police Zone (ABP) West Commander (20120109, 20130729 - )


3. Biodata:

Maldani ShirBrig. Gen. Shir Ahmad Maldani Mohammad Muldani



The Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Afghan National Police (ANP) have a total authorized force level of about 82,000. The ANP consists of six components. The largest of these is the Afghan Uniformed Police, which serve as local police and perform routine policing duties in Afghanistan's 365 police districts. These districts are organized into five regional zones (North "Pamir Zone", East, West, South, and Central) and a sixth zone for the capital city of Kabul. According to State and Defense, the zone commanders report to the Chief of the Afghan Uniformed Police, who reports to the Deputy Minister of Interior for Security.

Detailed March 2009 break up of security forces MOI and ANP Authorized Personnel Levels:
Afghan Uniformed Police: 54.5% (44,801), Afghan Border Police: 21.6% (17,676), Ministry of Interior Headquarters: 7.3% (5,943), Afghan Civil Order Police: 6.5% (5,365), Criminal Investigative Division: 4.9% (4,009), Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan: 4.6% (3,756), Counter Terrorism Police: 0.5% (406).

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