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Nuristani, Abdul Baqi Gen acting

Name Nuristani, Abdul Baqi Gen acting
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Police Commander
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Chiefs Commanders Nuristan:
Gen. Abdul Baqi Nuristani (200505),
Brig Gen Asel Totakhel Asil Tutakhail (20060918),
Gen. Mohammad Qasim Jangulbagh Paiman Payman Qasem Mohammad Qaseen Jangalbagh (20080717-20100817),
Brig Gen Shamsur Rahman  Zahidullah Zahid Nuristani Nooristani (20100817, 20110510 ) fired
Gen Ghulamullah Khan Nuristani Ghulam Ali Nooristani Col. Ghulam Ali Nuristani (20120111, 20130109)

Brig Gen Abdul Karim Omaryar fired (20130225)

Brig. Gen. Abdul Baqi Nuristani had been posted as acting Nuristan police chief (20131021)
Maj Gen Khalilullah Ziayee (20150518)
Deputy Police Chief Nuristan:

Col. Ghulam Mohammad Farooq Farouq (20120112)
Col Abdul Ghyas (20120312)

Col. Sherzad (20131021)

2. Previous Functions:
Police Chief Laghman Province (2006 - 20100222),
Provincial Police Commander Nuristan Nooristan ANP (20130223, 20131021, 2015)

3. Biodata
Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Omaryar Omeryar (22006) aka Qalinleh Rahmani, Colonel Kalinlah Rahmani. Tribal elders and former jihadi commanders from the Qarghai district of the eastern Laghman province have threatened a protest march against the police chief. (20080610) Qarghai was declared a peaceful district following the implementation of the Disbandment of Irresponsible Armed Groups (DIAG) process sometime back. They said Laghman police head Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Omaryar, refusing to accept the DIAG assessment, insisted there was insecurity in the district because of weapons wielded by irresponsible people.


2. Previous Functions of Maj Gen Ghullamullah Nooristani:
Provincial Police Commander Nuristan Nooristan ANP (20120111-20130223)


3. Biodata Maj Gen Ghulamullah Nuristani:
nuristani_ghulamullahBrig Gen Ghullamullah Nuristani,


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