Afghan Biographies

Ihsas, Muhammad Salim Gen

Name Ihsas, Muhammad Salim Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Police Commander
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Gen Mohammad Salim Ehsaas Ehsas Ahsas Ihsas:
Police Chief Parwan Parvan Province (20070606),
Kabul Police Chief (20080206),
Police Chief Herat Province (20100600)
Police Chief 404 Maiwand Police Zone (20101219, 20111019)
Provincial Police Chief Balkh  ANP (20120924 -20131101)

3. Biodata:
ihsas_salimInternational observers find Hasas businesslike, task-oriented and uninterested in small talk, a COP who regularly debriefs his zone commanders and district chiefs. His early moves include strengthening security on IED-prone Jalalabad Road in the capital, adding checkpoints in the city and augmenting in-service training programs. Hasas emphasizes to others his substantial working relationship with President Karzai.(20071227)
The home of former Kabul Police chief Salim Ehsas Ihsas Ahsas Hasas was destroyed in an remotely controlled bomb attack 20091215, Ehsas sustained only minor injuries, according to a witness. Gen. Salim Ehsaas, was unhurt, as the bomb, remotely controlled, detonated near one of his escort vehicles in the restive district of Guzara, 10 kilometres south of the provincial capital Herat. (20100601).

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