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Qarabagh District Ghazni Province Qara Bagh

Name Qarabagh District Ghazni Province Qara Bagh
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Chief of Qarabagh district Ghazni Province Qara Bagh:
Mohibullah Khpalwak (20100119, 20110510),
Zaitullah Azimi Zaitullah Azeemi (20110825). Armed Taliban attacked the convoi of Zaitullah Azimi and the district governor was wounded. Zaitullah Azimi is under the treatment in one of medical center of Ghazni province.(20121109)
Fazal Rahman Nawarwal Fazul Rahman Nazarwal (20130508, 20130924, 20140106) Qarabagh district chief, Abdul Rahman Nazarwal was arrested after being accused of selling some 90 tons of improved wheat seeds in the district.(20140106) Fazel Rahman Nazarwal, the local government head for the province’s Qarabagh district, denies selling the seeds and pocketing the proceeds. His actions are currently being investigated by a local court.(20140312)
Khowja Mohammad Hanif Sidiqi Mohammad Hanif Siddiqui (20111123, 20120927) was seriously wounded during an attack by the Taliban in southern Ghazni province on 20121108.
Fazel Rahman Nazarwal (20140312)
Khan Elham (20180111)
Ghulam Habib Zerak (20191214)

District Police Chief:
Mohammad Azam Mohammad Azim (20140512)

Qarabagh district Council Chief, Ghazni Province:
Haji Mohammad Anwar (20100408),

Background Qarabagh district Council:
In order to link up local people with the government, a 45-member district council was established in the Qarabagh district of southern Ghazni province on 20100408. The council also included five women will operate in four spheres, security, development, human rights and women's affairs. Qarabagh is now the fourth district in the province having such a body. Working under Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), the members of the body will avail no salaries but their transportation and other expenses would be compensated. An IDLG official Abdul Jamil Faizi told Pajhwok Afghan News the council would also play its role in settling regional disputes. Council's chief Haji Mohammad Anwar promised working hard for the restoration of a durable peace in the region in cooperation with locals. Qarabagh district chief Mohibullah was optimistic about the success of the council in resolving problems being faced by the people living in outlying areas. He said the body would help considerably reduce hardships facing ordinary people.

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