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Pedram, Abdul Latif

Name Pedram, Abdul Latif
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1970
Function/Grade Candidate 2019 Presidential Election
History and Biodata

Abdul Latif Pedram
Phone: 0700180902

2. Previous Functions:
Head of the Afghanistan National Congress party (NCP) (Hezb-e-Kongara Milli Afghanistan).
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Badakshan

pedramAbdul Latif Pedram was born 1970 in Darwaz District, Badakhshan Province. He is a Poet, writer, and journalist.

He spent time in France during part of the Taliban regime, where he promoted Persian poetry and literature. Pedram has a master’s degree in Islamic studies from the Sorbonne University, Paris. He studied Persian literature at the Universities of Kabul and Tehran. Pedram also served as the director of the Hakim Naser Khisraw Library and Cultural Center.

Pedram is the co-founder, and head of the Afghanistan National Congress party (Hezb-e-Kongara Milli Afghanistan). Pedram ran for president in the October 2004 elections, he only received 1.4% of the votes. Pedram has been highly critical of President Karzai, the religious conservatives and in early May 2005, he told Payam-e-Mujahid that he is against a permanent American military presence in Afghanistan.

He is an ethnic Tajik committed to ending the Pashtuns' dominance of Afghanistan. He studied literature and philosophy and in the early 1990s. He fled the Taliban regime in 1997 and took refuge in France, returning only 2004 to run for president with the express purpose of putting Karzai out of office. His Vice presidents were: Haji Ahmad Nirow, Mohammed Qasim Masomi. Sources say he has the citizenship of Tajikistan.

He was elected as a Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA.Badakshan. An authority from the IEC has said that IEC Head Manawi is under pressure from the President’s Office to disqualify three poll winners – Dr Mehdi, Ahmad Behzad and Latif Pedram. (20101109).

Commission (2012): Oversight of the Implementation of the Law and Central Audit.

Latif Pedram and Malim Saifullah, the civil society organization head, exchanged hot words on issues concerning development of the province. The situation turned violent when a supporter of a lawmaker attacked Saifullah and starting hitting him with fists. Haji Niamatullah, the civil society organisation’s deputy head, was also injured in the fist fight.(20120216)

First opposition party formed on Wednesday Oct 01, 2014 against the newly established national unity government in the country. Chairman of the party is Abdul Latif Pedram said the opposition party was established for national and social justice advocacy. Regarding allegations that the party has links with some government officials, Pedram termed the allegations baseless and said the party is independent. (20141001)

Abdul Latif Pedram, the leader of the National Congress Party (NCP) said his party recognizes the Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan as an official border and that most of the tension between the two countries is rooted in Kabul’s failure to publicly acknowledge this. He stressed that the debate on the Durand Line has been over, and the Afghan officials’ refusal to accept the line as an official border between the two countries is only for domestic consumption.(20170403)

Some Wolesi Jirga Membersverbally and physically attacked Abdul Latif Pedram. The confrontation erupted after Pedram criticized the government for dividing Ghazni province into three electoral constituencies, saying the government is acting biased in order to save more seats for a specific ethnic group.(20180627)

Pedram has been accused of being an ethnonationalist.

Abdul Latif Pedram, a former MP and head of Afghanistan’s National Congress Party, filed candidacy papers with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Thursday. Pedram is the first nominee who is formally running for the 2019 presidential election. He has elected Ihsanullah Haidari (Hazara)  and Mohammad Sadeq Wardak (Pashtun) as his deputies.(20190104)

President Ahmad Ghani Ahmadzai’s government, which has now been declared winner of Presidential Election 2019 by the commission, is unacceptable to us, our party, our ticket and our companions because it is the result of ‘fraud,’” said Pedram.(20200226)

A number of prominent Afghan opponents of the Taliban are currently in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe, where the Tajik government is giving them sanctuary. They include Ahmad Massoud, the celebrated leader of the National Resistance Front in the Panjshir Valley; Amrullah Saleh, the ex-VP and self-proclaimed acting president of Afghanistan; and Abdul Latif Pedram, the leader of the Afghan National Congress Party.(202101004)


Tajikistan's statements about the current situation in Afghanistan are not interference in the country's internal affairs, said in his video message an Afghan politician, head of the National Congress of Afghanistan Party Latifi Pidrom.

«As the head of the party, I declare that the statements of the leadership of Tajikistan are made in the framework of international values and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Emomali Rahmon speaks out for inclusive government in Afghanistan and people's choice. This is a good and correct wish, this is a statement for democracy. And there is no interference», - emphasized Pidrom in a video message.

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Pedram speaks Dari, Pashto, English, French, Arabic, Urdu and Russian.

Hizb-e Kongara-ye Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Congress Party of Afghanistan) Leader: Abdul Latif Pedram Postal Address: House No. 207, Qala-e Mosa Pharmacy, District 10, Kabul, Afghanistan Telephone: 070290067, 0799311523


Pedram co-founded and is currently the leader of the Afghanistan National Congress Party (Hezb-e-Kongara Milli Afghanistan). He currently (2012) serves as one of four spokespersons of the Coalition for the Support of the Rule of Law. Some members of Hezb-e-Kongara Milli Afghanistan split from the main branch of the party in 2006, after disputes over the political stances of the leadership.

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