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Name Pamir Airways
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Chairman Pamir Airways:
Sherkhan Farnood (2010),

Javed Azimi (2010),
Haji Khalil Feroz Khalilullah Fruzi (2010),
Fahim (Vice President), (2010),
Kabul Bank (2010),

Senior official of the company:
Muhammad Aman Hameed (20100814),

Pamir Airways was inaugurated in May 1995 and is the first private airline in the history of Afghanistan to receive the Air Operator Certificate from the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Islamic Government of Afghanistan. In April 2008, Pamir airways was taken over by a group of prominent Afghan businessmen. Currently, the chairman Pamir airways is Mr. Sherkhan Farnood who is also the president of Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce.

Ex Minister of Finance Anar-ul Haq Ahadi has personal connections to Pamir Air, which seems to be a dubious private airline. Ahadi’s wife is a cousin of Jawid Azimi, a former President of Ariana. Farnood made loans worth $90m to his airline Pamir Air and $70m to natural gas operations of Hasseen Fahim, the brother of Afghanistan's first vice-president Mohammad Qasim Fahim.

Unsettled multiple legal and fraud based disputes after Pamir Airways plane crash 17. May 2010:

The acting transport and aviation minister Dr. Daoud Ali Najafi on Saturday, 28 Feb. 2011 said they had been provided with fake registration documents of a crashed plane, and warned of banning Pamir Airline. The Government will stop activities of Pamir Airways, if the company does not pay compensation to the victims of the plane crash last year (17. May 2010), acting Transportation and Civil Aviation Minister, Dawood Ali Najafi said.

The Transportation and Aviation Ministry said that first-vice president (Mohammad Qasim Fahim) has ordered the ministry to allow Pamir Airways to operate for two more months, despite its fake documents and illegal operations (20110306).

The families of victims of the Pamir Airways flight 112 crash· from Kunduz to Kabul are demanding full compensation (20110321) for the deaths of their relatives after receiving only a fraction of the amount promised by the airline. The controversy over the payments is the latest blow for Kabul Bank, Afghanistan's largest financial institution, which owns Pamir and is under investigation for fraud. Pamir is also involved in a payment dispute with Kapital Insurance, the Russian company that insured the plane as well as the passengers who died in the crash. Up to now there is no serious investigation to find out how the plane was certified to fly in Afghanistan despite being more than 37 years old.

The Finance Ministry, based on a Presidential Decree, will distribute US$ 600,000 as compensation to the families of victims of a crashed Pamir aircraft within 15 days. The money is part of the airlines liquid assets and is kept in the Kabul Bank.(20110919)

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