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The Office of the Chief of Staff supports the president in his capacity as the head of state in setting broad policy objectives and accomplishing his strategic goals. It helps and supports the presidency in making both formal and informal decisions in a manner consistent with the President’s strategic vision and policy. It carefully filters information and requests coming to the President, orchestrating the timing, agenda and sequencing of the meeting, proving the President with appropriate briefing materials for all meetings ,events and activities :outlining key issues, possible options and desired outcomes: identifying how specific issues and decision relate to and may impact upon , other areas. It is also responsible for managing time of the President through appropriate scheduling, corporate services including finance and human resources management besides construction and maintenance activities, facilities and ICT etc.

After the establishment of interim government the office of the chief of staff was established and was given an independent budgetary status under the executive charter of the Afghan government in 2003. Sayed Tayeb Jawed, Mohammad Umer Daudzai and Jawid Lodin have so far served as the chief of Staff. Mr. Umer Daudzai was appointed for the second time. Abdul Karim Khuram is the current Chief of Staff.

The Chief of Staff has three deputies, advisors, special assistants as well as the spokesperson to the president, who are reporting to him. The Chief of Staff has three deputies, Mrs.Humaira lodin Etimadi, Mr.Mohammad Qahir Haidari and Mohammad Zahir Ghous.(20140325)
The Deputy Chief of Staff Policy,, supervises the following directorates:
1. Programme Directorate
2. Policy Directorate
3. Protocol Directorate
The Deputy Chief of Staff in Administration:
4. HR Directorate
5. O and M and Reconstruction Directorate
6. Procurement Directorate
7. Finance Directorate
8. Services Directorate

Wahid Omer was the Director of press office as well as the Spokesperson to the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

9. The Office of Spokesperson/ press is directly supervised by the Chief of Staff to the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Spokesperson office is playing substantial role to inform people about presidential activities via national and international media.

Contact Chief of Staff: Abdul Karim Khuram Chief of Staff to the President of Afghanistan Tel: +93 (0) 20-214-5555-1 +93 (0) 20-214-3000 +93 (0) 20-214-1034  Secretary to Chief of Staff:
Deputy Chief of Staff Tel: +93 (0) 20 214 1016 E-mail1: Email2: Hidayatullah Zahid E-mail: Cell: Af + 93(0)700 048 081

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