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Nimruz PC 2009 Nimroz

Name Nimruz PC 2009 Nimroz
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Nimruz Members 2009 PC
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Final Certified Provincial Council Results: Nimroz 20-Dec-09 01:30 PM
Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Ayatollah Naser Najibullah Nasir 2404 8.7%
2 Haji Mohammad Sidiq (Chakhansory) Muhammad Sediq Chakhansoori 1890 6.8%, Provincial Council Chief (20100815),
3 Ghulam Din Mhy Naruee 1720 6.2%
4 Sardar Abdorrazzaq 1605 5.8%
5 Haji Mohammad Nader Nadir 1452 5.3%, Deputy PC Chief (20110703)
6 ملاګل Ahmad (Ahmad) 1438 5.2%
7 Gul Maki Wakhali 1185 4.3% (killed by suicide bomber 20100505 in Zaranj, Nimruz)
8. Shakila Hakimi, Provincial Council Chief (20120209)
Hajyh Khyrzad  Mrs. Roh Gul Khairzad 1106 4.0% was elected into Meshrano Jirga 2010
9 Haji Khyralnsa’ "غمی" 773 2.8 %

Along with head of the panel, Nimroz provincial council has seven members.
1 – Haji Najibullah Nasir:
Haji Najibullah Nasir is the son of Haji Abdul Qayyum. He was born in Zaranj city, the capital of Nimroz in 1981. He holds bachelor degree. Earlier, he served as counternarcotics officer at Nimroz provincial police headquarters. Presently, he serves as member of provincial council.
2 – Haji Mohammad Nadir Baloch:
Son of Abdul Majid Baloch, Haji Mohammad Nadir Baloch was born in 1962. He lives in Chakhansor district. He completed his primary education in his hometown. He graduated from the military faculty and then served as military officer. Currently, he serves as member of provincial council.
3 – Haji Mohammad Anwar Muradi:
Haji Mohammad Anwar Muradi is the son of Ghulam Mohammad. He was born in the Kang district of Nimroz province in 1954. He completed his higher education and had served as a school teacher. Currently, he discharges his duties as secretary of the provincial council.
4 – Maulvi Gul Ahmad Ahmadi:
Son of Dadullah, Maulvi Gul Ahmadi Ahmadi was born in 1975. He lives in Zaranj city. He completed his high school education. Earlier, he served as director of Nimroz custom and then served in hospital and power department.
5 – Haji Sardar Abdul Razaq:
Haji Sardar Abdul Razaq is the son of Haji Wakil Dost Mohammad Khan. He was born in 1969. He lives in Zaranj city. Earlier, he was a leading tribal elder.
6 – Mrs. Shireen Azizi:
Daughter of Abdul Aziz, Shireen Azizi was born in 1975. She lives in Zaranj city. She graduated from a teacher training college of Nimroz. Earlier, she served as school teacher.
7 – Mrs. Shakila Hakimi:
Shakila Hakimi is the daughter of Abdul Hakim. She was born in 1982. She lives in Zaranj city. She completed her earlier education in Nimroz Teacher Training College and the studied at a private Barak University. 

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