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Qarghayi District Lagman Province Laghman Qargha

Name Qarghayi District Lagman Province Laghman Qargha
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Qarghaee Qarghayi Qarghai Qargha Qargahyee district chief Laghman Province :
Mohammad Arif (20070207),
Haji Saleh Mohammad Niazi Niazai (20091207, 20110509)
Asadullah Behbud (20111016, 20120229)

District Police Chief:
Abdul Aziz (20090208) killed

Qarghayi District has 60 villages. It is the largest district in Laghman Province, and is located 30 km from the provincial centre of Mihtarlam. It borders Mihtarlam District to the north, Alingar District to the northeast, Nangarhar Province to the south and Kabul Province to the west. The population is 86,900 (2006) - 60% Pashtun, 20% Tajik and 20% Pashai. There have been some tensions between the Pashai people and the neighbouring communities. The district center is the village of Lalkhanabad, located between the Kabul River and its tributary the Alingar river.

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