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Nazir, Mohammad Gen

Name Nazir, Mohammad Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Warlord Badakshan and Mayor Faizabad
History and Biodata

1. Former Mayor of Faizabad Feyzabad City Badakshan Province [Feyzabad / Fayzabad / Faizabad]:
Abdul Ahmad Nazir Mohammad· (20070409), unidentified assailants lobbed a hand-grenade at his house 20070409.
Eng. Momenshah Momen Shah (20080824, 20090621, 20091226, 20101223)
Nazir Mohammad (20110406, 20130903)

On 20130903 escaped a bomb attack which killed four of his bodyguards in Khairabad area of the Baharak district at midday when Nazir's two-vehicle motorcade was passing by the area. Witnesses said the mayor was slightly wounded in the incident.(20130903)

Gen. Nazir Niazi, who is also the mayor of Faizabad (20171112)

2. Previous Functions:
Local Warlord
Faisabad Mayor (20110406, 20171112)

3. Biodata:
nasir_mohammadNazir Mohammad (sometimes called Nasri or even Nazir) Gen Nazir Niazi hails from Yaftal-e Payan (or Yaftal-e Sufla) district near Faizabad. Now (2012) in his forties, he did not play any important autonomous role during the jihad, as he was a second-rank commander linked to Massud in the conflict against the Taleban, when Massud was trying to replace Rabbani's Badakhshi commanders, notoriously unwilling to send him troops for the Takhar front, with individuals linked to his Shura-ye Nezar.

Nazir came out as a prominent powerbroker only after 2002, when he was able to get the regiment under his control to be detached from the chain of command of Sardar Khan (Massud's most important Badakhshi commander, from Baharak-Warduj), who was in charge of the army in Badakhshan (the 29th Division).

Nazir’s major sponsor was by then Fahim, and he took control of Faizabad and its surroundings, pursuing an overly aggressive policy towards other commanders who often fought back; Mossadeq (Uzbek from Argu with Hezb-e Islami background) successfully resisted him.

Nazir then became close to Rabbani through the eternal Deputy Governor Shams ur-Rahman (Rabbani's nephew) and in his new capacity as the mayor of Faizabad, but he also retains close links to Fahim. He is rumoured to have occasionally created security problems to the PRT (like having rockets fired against it) to make sure that his PSC kept being paid to protect it. He is definitely more a fighter than a politician, although he has been pursuing a sort of ’Robin Hood’ agenda by ceiling prices for basic goods in the Faizabad bazaar, and consequently gained some popular support. He is not likely to create a political legacy of sorts or even to play a more than local role, but he has proven difficult to eradicate as his location in Faizabad is too strategic for the government to risk alienating him.

Mohammad Nazir's  left hand is crippled due to a injury in the war. In the northeastern province of Badakhshan, local commander Nazir Mohammad runs the provincial capital, Faizabad, as one big protection racket. Foreign humanitarian organizations that don't hire his security services face attacks. When organizers at the German-run regional military-assistance base attempted to dismiss his men because of a compelling accusation of murder, the base was firebombed. "Nazeermad", Mohammad, whose militia provides security for NATO troops and aid organizations, denies threatening groups that don't hire his services. "Why should I do that?" he asks. "I know they are here to rebuild Afghanistan. I am just trying to find [my guys] jobs."

A toNazir, a top government official and prominent influential figure escaped unhurt from a suicide attack in Badakhshan province. According to the local authorities, the incident took place in Faizabad, the provincial capital of Badakhshan province earlier evening 20171111.

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