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Nawa District Ghazni Province Nawur

Name Nawa District Ghazni Province Nawur
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief
History and Biodata

Nahor, Nahur, Nawor District Chief:
Khudaidad Halimi (20100207),
Mohammad Hazrat (20111025)

In Nawa District people are 100% are Pashtun. The Taliban control the district since four years (20111025). Schools and health clinics are closed and doctors left their jobs in the district, unemployment has also widened. The district chief, police chief and other district employees are not· handling their tasks and are in Ghazni City (20111025). Out of  18 Districts of Ghazni Province 14 are said to be more or less under Taliban control.


The districts out of government's control include Nawzad, Disho, Baghran and Musa Qala districts in Helmand, Wardooj and Yumgan districts in Badakhshan, Kohistanat district in Sar-e-Pul, Nawa district in Ghazni and Khak Afghan district in Zabul province.(20160629)

Some residents of the Nawur district in Ghazni province have claimed that armed Kuchis (Pashtun Nomads) have entered parts of the district since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Kuchis in this district are reportedly grazing their flocks on the farmlands of the Hazara people. Nawur villagers have spoken to Taliban officials. The Taliban district governor has promised to address the issue, but people say they do not trust the Taliban.(20210921)



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