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Nang, Muhammad Asif

Name Nang, Muhammad Asif
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1972
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Lagman Laghman
History and Biodata

Mohammad Asif Nang Email: asifnang(at) Mobile +93 (0) 700-044-305, +93 (0) 786-255-777

1. Former Governors Laghman:
Ibrahim Khan Babakarkhel Babakar-Khel Babakar Khel (2002),
Shah Mohammad Safi Harzal,
Shah Mahmood Safi (2005-2006)
Ghulabuddin Mangal (2006),
Lotfullah Mashal Lutfullah (20080302).
Mohammad Iqbal Azizi Aziz (20100318 -20120919 ),
Fazlullah Mujadeddi (20120920, 20150129 -20150605)
Abdul Jabar Naeemi (20150606-20180216)
Muhammad Asif Nang (20180217)
Deputy Governor:
Haji Shahzada Mazlumyar (20151008)

Governors spokesman:
Gul Rahman Hamdard (20100925)
Faizanullah Pathan (20110424)

Public health Department director:
Dr Abdul Latif Qayumi Ayubi  (20110410, 20120229)

Department of Economy Director:
Eng. Muhammad Agha Mubarez (20110824)

Women’s Affairs Director:
Hanifa Sapi Hanifa Safi (20120713) was killed along with her spouse in a roadside bomb attack (20120713). 2011 Sapi resigned as a provincial council member to take over as women’s affairs director.
Najia Sideqi, the acting provincial director of women's affairs, killed while on her way to work in Mehtarlam (20121210)
Laghman RRD Director:
Aminudin Baidar (20160119)
Laghman NSP Provincial Manager:
Habib-u-Rahman Habib (20160119)
Head of refugees and repatriation department:

Mohammad Kazim Haqpal Haqmal (20170619)

2. Previous Functions of Muhammad Asif Nang:
Editor of the magazine Peace Jirga (20070810)
Spokesman for the education ministry (2009),
Publication officer, public relations officer at the Education ministry,
Spokesman for parliamentary affairs ministry (2007),
Deputy Education Minister (20110921, 20131204, 20141109)
acting Minister of Education  (20141209-20150121)
Provincial Governor Farah (20150122-2017)
Provincial Governor Laghman (20180217)

3. Biodata:
Nang_Muhammad_AsifMuhammad Asif Nang was born 1972 in Paktia province and hails from Sulaimankhil tribe in Paktika province. He is a high school graduate of Habibia High School in Kabul. Nang has completed his higher education in Pakistan and Saudi Arabiya. Mohammad Asif Nang is also a Hafiz of the Holy Quran.

Asif Nang, who was also the Parliamentary Affairs Ministry spokesman, was arrested on 1 July 2007. It is thought he was held for publishing an extract from a Canadian essay critical of President Hamid Karzai and not, as initially reported, for suspected spying. Entitled "Wars and globalization: Who did 9/11 benefit?", the essay portrayed Karzai as a US puppet. Nang remained in the custody of security agencies for 13 days after the publication of the 'offensive' article. 

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issuing a decree has appointed Mohammad Asif Nang new governor for Farah province.(20150122)   

He fluently speaks Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Urdu and English

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