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Nai Qala, Dr. Abdul Ahad Zahedi Niqala

Name Nai Qala, Dr. Abdul Ahad Zahedi Niqala
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1956
Function/Grade Ex-MP MNA
History and Biodata

Dr. Abdul Ahad Zahedi Nai Qala
Mobile: 0799395690

2. Previous Functions:
Meshrano Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Ghazni

3. Biodata:
Dr. Abdul Ahad Zahedi Nai Qala, son of Muhammad Rahim, was born in 1956 in the village of Nai Qala in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province. He completed his primary education in 1969 and his secondary education in 1975 at Lashkargah High School. In 1976, he was admitted to medical school. He graduated in 1981.

By 1983, he had joined the mujahideen resistance against the Soviets. Together with his colleagues, he assisted villagers through the Naser Foundation of Afghanistan. The foundation established schools, religious madrassas, libraries, clinics, roads and promoted a vaccination program, agricultural activities, animal husbandry, irrigation systems, well-digging and other social welfare work in Qarabagh, Malistan, Jaghuri, Jaghato and Khawaja Omari districts. In 1993, Hizb Wahdat placed him charge of social, political and military affairs in Qarabagh.

After the Taliban occupied Bamiyan in 1998, he traveled to Pakistan and Iran. After the creation of the Interim Afghanistan Administration, he returned to Bamiyan, where he was engaged in social and political affairs for Hizb Wahdat provincial councils. He is the recipient of several certificates and letters of appreciation. He was indirectly elected to the Meshrano Jirga through the 2005 Provincial Council elections in Ghazni.

He is married and has ten children.

He speaks Dari and Pashto, as well as some English.

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