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Naeemi, Abdul Jabar Jabbar

Name Naeemi, Abdul Jabar Jabbar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Kunduz
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors Kunduz Kundus Konduz:
Qari Rahmatullah (1993)
Arif Khan (2000) killed
Haji Mohammad Omar (2000-2001) Brother of assassinated Arif Khan
Abdul Latif Ibrahimi (2002 - 2004),
Eng. Mohammad Omer Omar Khan Sulaimoni Sulaimani (2004 - 2010), killed 20101008.
Mohammad Anwar Jigdalak (20110103 -20131104)
Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani (20131105, 20140818-20141101)
Mohammad Omar Safi (20141202-20150930)
acting Governor Hamidullah Danish Hamdullah Danishi, Tajik, (20150930, 20160203)
Asadullah Omarkhil (20160209-20180216)
Abdul Jabar Naeemi (20180217)

Hamidullah Danish Hamdullah Danishi, Tajik,  (2006112, 20100928, 20120831, 20150209) escaped an assassination attempt unharmed in the neighboring Baghlan province on 20120831.

Governor's Spokesperson:
Mahboubullah Sayedi, Mahboobullah Saeedi (20110215)
Abdul Wadood Wahidi (20150704)
Mahmood Danish (20161021)

Director Department of Information and Culture:
Abdul Shakur Dost (2011017)

Director Department of Agriculture and livestock:
Nabi Raoufi (20170415)
Azizullah Aimaq, Azizullah Eimaq (20110413, 20120322)
Director of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (RRD)  in Kundoz Province:
Sibghatullah Nazari (20150214)

Director Department of Education:
Mohammad Zahir Nazam Nazim Muhammad  (20110311, 20110824)

Director Department of Women Affairs:
Mrs. Naderah Geyah Nadira Gia Nadara Geya Nadira Geya Nadira Gia (20110426, 20121126, 20140128)  Nederah Geyah, who actively campaigned to have a by a mullah raped young girl protected from her family and the mullah prosecuted, resigned on May 21 and moved to another part of the country.
Director of Women’s Affairs Mrs. Razam Ara Hawash (20130307)
Provincial women’s affairs department chief Mrs. Nahida Asefi (20150221)
Mrs. Farzana Sadat born 1991 (20170511)

Director Department of Public Health:
Dr. Zafar Noori (20111129)
Dr. Saad Mukhtar (20120225)
Abdul Hamid Alam (20161012)

Director of Kunduz Border and Tribal Affairs' department:
Abdul Nasser Yosufi Qazi Abdul Nasir Yousafi (20100928, 20120319)

Director of electricity department:
Eng. Hamidullah (20120103)

Director of Kunduz counternarcotics department:
Abdul Basir Murshid (20120105)

Director of provincial department of Borders and Tribal Affairs of Kunduz:
Qazi Abdul Naser (20120730)

Director of the Kunduz Department of Returnees and Refugees:
Sayed Abul Salam Hashimi, Salam Hashmi (20121206, 20171217)
Traffic police head:
Col. Syed Aslam Sadat (20130126) killed by bomb
Head of AIHRC Regional Office for the Protection and Development of Children's Rights in Kunduz:

Bismillah Waziri (20171130)

Agate is extracted from Helmand while Jade is extracted in Kunar and Nangarhar and sent to Pakistan, but Chinese companies are their main customers.(20160719)


2. Previous Functions of Abdul Jabar Naeemi Abdul Jabbar Naimi:
Provincial Governor Maidan Wardak (2005, resigned 20080512),
Provincial Governor Khost (20100408 -20150606)
Provincial Governor Laghman (20150606-20180216)
Provincial Governor Kunduz (20180217)

3. Biodata:
naeemi_abdul_jabbarAbdul Jabar Naeemi is a clever Pashtun who was born 1967 in Afghanistan, but has lived many years in exile in Pakistan, until he returned to Afghanistan in 2002. He is a selfeducated person working for Pir Sayed Ahmad Gilani in Pakistan exile where he had different jobs and later was responsible for his foreign relations. He is a follower of the Pashtun spiritual leader Pir Sayed Ahmed Gailani, and a member of Gailani's National Islamic Front party (NIFA).

Naeemi has worked a short time 2002 for the Afghan Embassy in Pakistan, when the Afghan Interim Government decided to reopen it in January 2002. Naeemi was the 1st Secretary. He has served as first secretary in the Afghan embassy in Islamabad during Burhanuddin Rabbani's government. Later he arranged successful the Afghan presidential elections 2004 in Pakistans Afghan Refugee Camps from where Karzai could secure plenty votes. He is good in Public Relations but is a lousy Administrator which was proven during his tenure as Governor of Maidan Wardak Province.

Due to bad security in Maidan Wardak Karzais wanted to fire Naeemi. Naeemi staged a demonstration in his favor in Maidanshar. But a little later Naeemi resigned May 2008 from his post, when he realized, that he could no longer save his job as a Governor.

As a Governor in Khost Naeemi spoke of his plans to retake government land from powerful individuals. He said efforts would be made to resolve the problem. Big chunks of government land are presently occupied by well-connected individuals. Asked about Khost being a third-category province, Naeemi replied he would try to upgrade its status. (20100426)

Naeemi has visited Canada several times, where he has relatives.

Members of the Religious, Cultural, Education and Higher Education Commission of the Lower House said that they introduced Khost Governor, Abdul Jabar Naeimi, to the Attorney-General’s Office on charges of grabbing lands and creating obstacles to freedom of expression in the province.(20121008)

He is married and father of five children.

Naeemi speaks English, Pashtu, Dari and Urdu.

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