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Naderi, Sadat Mansoor

Name Naderi, Sadat Mansoor
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1979
Function/Grade Minister of Urban Development Affairs MUDA
History and Biodata

Sayed Saddat Mansoor Nadiri
Phone: +93707134234

1. Former Ministers of Urban Development:
Yousef Pashtun (2004-2009)
Sultan Hussein rejected by Parliament, served as acting Minister (2010-2012)
Dr. Hassan Abdulhai Minister of Urban Development (2012035, 20130531 - 20140930 )
Dr. Hassan Abdulhai Acting Minister of Urban Development (20141001)
acting Minister of Urban Development Hamed Jalil (20141209)
Sadat Mansoor Naderi (20150418, 20161114)

Spokeswoman for the ministry of urban development:
Nilofar Langar (20170405)

The following officials of MUDA were accused and suspended May 28, 2015 of corruption charges involving millions of dollars in several urban development and housing projects:
Ahmadshah Hemat, Urban Development Director,
Gul Rahim Ziarmal, Plan and Policy Director,
Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion,
Mohammad Aminullah Amin, Director of Property and Accommodation
Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise,
Syed Aman Sadat, Director Finance Apartments Cohesion
At least three of the suspended officials from the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs (MUDA) are missing: Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion, Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise, and Syed Aman Sadat, Manager Finance Apartments Cohesion.(20150530)  The three tainted officials were trying to cross the border into Tajikistan when police arrested them in Sheghnan district in the morning (June 08,2015), Mohammad Amin Qani, Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar and Sayed Amanullah Sadaat.(20150608)
The special tribunal formed to try the officials in corruption cases jailed four Afghan officials for 20 and 7 years each and a total fine of 1.86 billion Afghanis on charges of embezzlement. The four officials belonging to the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing appeared before the special tribunal on Monday Mar 27, 2017 as their open public trial official kicked off in Kabul.

Mohammad Aminullah Qani, Head of Apartments Cohesion and Syed Aman Sadat, Manager Finance Apartments Cohesion were jailed for 20 years each on charges of the embezzlement and misuse of the authority. They were also fined 150 million Afghanis each.

The two other officials, Ahmad Nawaz Bakhtyar, Director of Housing Enterprise and Mohammad Yaqub Ibrahimi, the Deputy Director for Housing Enterprise, were jailed for seven years each. The special tribunal also awarded a fine of 443 million for each of the former officials on charges of the embezzlement and misuse of the authority.(20170327)

2. Previous Functions:
Shareholder and CEO M/s Insurance Company of Afghanistan (ICA)
Shareholder and Director M/s Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Afghanistan (SPK)
Shareholder and Chairman M/s Finest Group of Stores Afghanistan
Director M/s Fayz Construction Company Kabul Afghanistan
Shareholder and Director M/s ISS Security Company Kabul Afghanistan
Shareholder and Director M/s AQST Trading Company Afghanistan Krystal Cooperation and  Int’l Resources Management Oil and Gas Exploration in Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, UAE
Afghanistan Board of Director Bank Millie Afghanistan Board
Member Agha Khan National Council Kabul
Chairman Afghan Gold
Afghanistan SMN Group President (20121216)
Minister of Urban Development Affairs (20150418, 20161114)

3. Biodata
naderi_sadatSayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi was born 1979 in Baghlan Province. Naderi is an Ismaeli, a member of a Shiit sect. He is british educated and has a BA First Class Honors in Economics/ International Business at University of London (1999) Negotiation and Strategy Diploma (2004) Risk Management Diploma (2004).
Naderi’s father was the religious leader of all the Ismailis in Afghanistan. The family has several mansions and a palace in their home village, Kayan, which has athletic facilities and a train, and once had a zoo. Naderi’s brother Jafar had been a militia commander during the last days of Soviet occupation, with a 12,000-member private army. A documentary film titled The Warlord of Kayan had shown Jafar fishing with a grenade, riding his motorcycle, and blasting AC/DC. During the Taliban era, the Naderis had fled for their lives, and Osama bin Laden briefly occupied their palace in Kayan.
Since returning to Afghanistan in 2004, he has pioneered several businesses – fuel distribution, retail distribution, insurance, construction, gold mining, mineral exploration, and testing laboratories and automotive leasing. In 2011, these businesses generated an annual turnover exceeding $400 million. Solid international partnerships with market leaders are his preferred business model. Companies in his Group work with Lloyds of London ‘A’ rated syndicates, AON, Marsh McClennan, ACE, JP Morgan, and others. International management, commitment to excellence, an action oriented mindset, and appetite for manageable risk has played key roles in his success. Naderi’s activities have been described in Fortune Magazine* and the London Times.** He is often asked to speak as a representative of the private sector in Afghanistan and Central Asia

United States Department of Commerce formally awarded the Peace Through Commerce Award for 2012 to 8 nominees following formal ceremony in Dubai. Sadat Mansoor Naderi, the chairman of SMN Investments is the first and only Afghan business man who receives the peace through commerce award.(20121216)

Sadat Mansoor Naderi Sadaat Naderi was nominated by President Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai  as Labor and Social Affairs Minister.(20150112). Rejected by Wolesi Jirga because of dual citizenship.(20150121) MinistersMinistry of Foreign affairs of Afghanistan (MoF) states that documents confirming the cancellation of dual citizenship of three National Unity Government nominees is confirmed. Noorulhaq Ulumi had a dual citizenship from Holland and Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi and Salahuddin Rabani had dual citizenship of England.(20150124) Naderi was confirmed as Minister by Wolesi Jirga.(20150418)

Naderi secured the vote of confidence from the lawmakers in the Lower House of the Parliament, Wolesi Jirga.(20161114)

The Minister Urban Development and Housing Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi formally attained the membership of the Governing Council of the United Nations Habitat during the 26th summit of the UN-Habitat Governing Council.(20170509)

Mansoor Naderi, also known as ‘Syed Kayan’, is one of most influential political figures and leader of Ismaili Shia faith in Afghanistan. He is leader of Hezb Paiwand Milli (National Solidarity Party) political party of Afghanistan. (20171015)


He holds a British Passport.

Address: Naser Khusraw Balkhi Building Sarsabzi Square, Taimani Kabul – Afghanistan Phone: +93 (0) 799 134 234 +93 (0) 707 134 234 E-MAIL:

Afghan Krystal Natural Resources AKNRC will invest up to $50 million in Qara Zaghan mine in northern Baghlan province and plans to begin production by 2013, said the company's president and prominent Afghan entrepreneur, Sadat Mansoor Naderi. Investors from the United States, Britain, Turkey and Indonesia are backing the project through a deal facilitated by JPMorgan Chase and Co , Naderi said, adding it was not yet known what the mine's gold reserves were, but the firm intends to spend the next two years exploring the site.

The chairman of Afghan Krystal Natural Resources is Sadat Mansoor Naderi, who also runs SMN Group (, one of the largest companies in Afghanistan. SMN, which employs about 3,000 people, owns the first private insurance company in Afghanistan, operates a small chain of supermarkets, builds roads, airports and bridges and distributes telecom cards and fuel. Commercial activities includes: • Insurance • Mining • Retail • FMCG • Fuel Supply and Distribution • Construction Services • Healthcare • Logistics and Procurement Services • Leasing About 10 investors — most of them from the United States and Britain — are investing an estimated $50 million in the gold project in Dushi district of Baghlan province, about 84 miles (135 kilometers) northwest of Kabul, according to Wahidullah Shahrani, Afghanistan’s minister of mines. The only other gold mine in Afghanistan is in neighboring Takhar province. The Qara Zaghan Gold Mine was put in bidding in the mid of 2008 and several firms including Gold Star, Metal Solution, Kam Khyber Reserves and Afghan Crystal Natural Reserves had shown interest in investing. The Afghan Crystal Natural Reserves won the bidding and Ministers Council has also approved it.

SMN has pioneered the insurance industry in Afghanistan and is the first fully licensed private insurance company. The company has secured over $20 Billion in reinsurance commitments from the London market and recently delivered coverage for Aynak Copper Mine ($3.6b investment).(20121216)

More Background:

Currently the seats  held by Nadiri family are as follows (as of  20171015):

  1. Sayed Mansoor Naderi, Leader of Ismaili Shia faith, “God’s Representative on Earth” — member of parliament
  2. Sayed Saadat Naderi — minister of public works
  3. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi — member of parliament, Ghani’s advisor on international affairs
  4. Sayed Shahabuddin Naderi — Ambassador to Uzbekistan
  5. Sayed Dawood Naderi — member of parliament
  6. Sayed Zaher Naderi — Charge de affairs in the Afghan embassy in Germany
  7. Sayed Amin Naderi — member of parliament
  8. Sayed Haroon Naderi — military attaché, Afghan embassy in London
  9. Sayed Jaafar Naderi — deputy to the fist Vice President
  10. Sayed Kamal Naderi — Afghan ambassador to Bulgaria
  11. Sayed Ashraf Naderi — Afghan ambassador to the Czech Republic
  12. Sayed Rauf Naderi — Afghan ambassador to Kyrgyzstan
  13. Jumazada — member of parliament from Kabul


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