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Naderi, Mohammad Ishaq Dr. Nadiri

Name Naderi, Mohammad Ishaq Dr. Nadiri
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1936
Function/Grade Economic Relations Adviser to the President
History and Biodata

1. Economic Advisers of the President:
Dr. Mohammad Ishaq Nadiri (2004- )

2. Previous Functions:
1960-61 Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, U. C. Berkeley
1961-62 Head Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, U. C. Berkeley
1964-66 Assistant Professor of Economics, Northwestern University
1966-67 Assistant Professor of Economics, Business School, University of Chicago
1967-68 Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
1968-70 Associate Professor, Columbia University
1969- Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
1970- Full Professor, New York University
1972-74 Member of The Brookings Institution's Panel on Economic Activity
1971-77 Director of the National Bureau's Conference on the Role of the Computer in Economic and Social Research
1972-79 Director of the National Bureau's Conference and Workshop Series on Latin American Economic Research
1972-78 Chairman, Department of Economics, New York University
1975-78 Founder and first director, C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics
1975-Present Jay Gould Professor of Economics
1993 Visiting Distinguished Professor, American University in Cairo
Faculty of the Economics Department at New York University (1970),
Chairman of the Department (1972-78),

Further Activities:
Prof. Nadiri was a participant in the Bonn talks which created the Interim Government in Afghanistan, as well as in the Tokyo talks set up to attract international funding for Afghanistan's major reconstruction efforts.

3. Biodata:
Naderi_IshaqNadiri was born October 16, 1936. He is married and has two children. Academic Education: University of Nebraska 1955-58 B.S. 1958 University of California, Berkeley 1958-61 M.A. 1960 Yale University 1962-63 University of California, Berkeley 1963-65 Ph.D. 1965 Fields of Specialization: Economics of Technological Change and Productivity Growth, Investment Theory and Modeling, Monetary Economics, Quantitative Analysis and Applied Econometrics. Dissertation topic Investigation of the Predictive and Forecasting Ability of Econometric Investment Functions (completed under the supervision of Professor Dale W. Jorgenson). Currently he is living in USA visiting Kabul frequently. He has an USA passport. Prof. Nadiri's main research topics are productivity analysis, economics of R and D and technical change, telecommunications economics and investment modeling and growth. In recent years, his research efforts have extended to economic responses to terrorism, post-conflict reconstruction and economies of failed states.

OFFICE ADDRESS: Department of Economics New York University, 9 West 4th street, 6th floor New York, New York 10012 Phone: (212) 998-8968 Fax: (212) 995-4013 E-mail:

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